Remember Them?

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Episode 265/2x009
Remember Them?

You know I'm lactose intolerant, woman!!!

Blogger Claire
Date Posted August 18th, 2007
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Length 1:36
Description Jonas, pay attention to what you see.
Location(s) LaRezisto's green room, The Whartons' House
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree danielbeast daniel jonastko order resistance soccerstar4ever
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried and Mesh Flinders
Director(s) Marcello Daciano and Colin Hargraves
Camera Kevin Schlanser, Brad Haley, Colin Hargraves, and Mesh Flinders
Vidplay Colin Hargraves and Jennifer Roth
Story Miles Beckett and Colin Hargraves
Editor(s) Colin Hargraves
Music Supervisor Darren Boling
Music "La Rezisto" by Darren Boling
Raymond Wharton Peter James
Mrs. Wharton Tammy Klein
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Remember Them? is the two-hundred sixty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the ninth video of season two.


(Rock music is playing. Я! flashes on the screen. Static is heard. The word secret is shown. Images of construction? is shown through a night vision camera. Rock music ends, and soft elevator-sort of music plays. During this period, images of people placing models on a couch. Ominous music blends in as The Whartons are shown carrying boxes. They are then shown having breakfast.)

Romanian voice: Gaseste-ne. Cauta... Find us. Look for...

Romanian voice: Acest cuplu fericit se bucura de o noua china. This happy couple is excited about a new breakfast.

Female voice: Another family brunch.

Spanish voice: Es importante para ellos que comen juntos. ...It's important for them to eat together.

Female voice: The wife has prepared her husband’s favorite...

Romanian voice: Sunca cu brinza, felul preferat al sotul. Ham and cheese, her husband's favorite dish. Ei sint imagina perfecta al vietei [inaudible]. They are the perfect image of [suburban?] life.

Female voice: Suburban content.

(Images of models and people inside a home in the 50's. A child is shown.)

Spanish voice:...(alguien) Pero espera. Algo impacta...Ellos. Just. Someone awaits us. Something's happening...Them. Just.

(Clips from the 50's are shown.)

Female voice: Jonas.

Romanian voice: Tu recunosti acesti oameni? Do you recognize these people?

Female voice: They do not recognize you...Nor do they have any memory...

Spanish voice: No tienen cualquier memoria de usted. They don't have any memory of you.

Female voice: ...And yet, we know you recognize...

Romanian voice: Noi stim ca tu sti acesti oameni. We know that you know these people.

(Images of a child running and laughing. A silhouette of a man in front of green static. Images of the consequence of a nuclear bomb, such as cars and houses exploding.)

Spanish voice: Agarra los pedazos. Gather the pieces.

Female voice: Put them together. They will guide you...

(A sign and someone writing graffiti is shown.)

Romanian voice: Ajuta-ne, Jonas. Help us, Jonas.

Female voice: Help us, Jonas. Equality in life.

Romanian voice: Egalitate in viata, egalitate in moarte. Equality in life, equality in death.

(Я! is shown and then obscured by rising fists. A nuclear explosion is shown, then the words "Fight the Order.")


  • The two boxes have the words:
    • fruits - seafood - salads - sandwiches
    • vegetables - cheese - meat - entrees
  • The street name says Horizon Ave 96E.
  • It is believed that the place the video refers to is Horizon Ave, Venice, Los Angeles, California 90291, United States.
  • It is speculated by some that the female voice in the video belongs to Nikki Bower.
  • The Spanish speaking is neither grammatically accurate, nor the exact translation of what the English voiceover says.
  • The shots of men positioning models are from old 1950 newsreels about atomic bombs. The models were set up to demonstrate the effects of a nuclear blast on a common household and family.
  • The spanish that is being spoken is not grammatically correct because it is street spanish, possibly a reference to a "lower class" rising up to the "higher class" (the order), as is suggested by the resistance videos.