LaRezisto locations

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LaRezisto locations

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The Green Room

The White Room

Claire's Hideout

The Magenta Room

The LaRezisto locations are composed of all of the locations that LaRezisto and the mastermind behind them, Claire have utilized thus far in their attempt to manipulate Jonas and kidnap Emma.

The green room

In her earliest videos, LaRezisto often stood in a green room with a large Я! on the background.

The white room

When first appealing to Jonas to bring Emma to her, Claire stood in a white room, reminiscent of the room used in the Hymn of One recruitment videos.

Hideout in the woods

After she convinced Jonas to bring Emma to meet with her, Claire took Jonas and Emma to an obscure hideout in the middle of the woods.

The magenta room

After leading Emma away, Claire took her to an unknown location. Emma began filming videos in front of a magenta wall, claiming that she had not lost her sanity.

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