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The San Francisco Live Event occurred on January 23, 2008. Jonas had announced in Attracted to Danger that Daniel and he would be at the fountain at Ghirardelli Square at 4pm PST. During the event, the lg15chat room topped one-hundred users.

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square.jpg

Lucy showed up at Ghirardelli Square and showed the fans a picture of Jonas and Daniel, asking if they had seen them. They said no. She went into a wine store. She came back out, and asked some other people if they had seen Jonas and Daniel. They also said no. Lucy got angry and shoved the pictures into Aja's face. She then ripped them up and stormed off. Reportedly, Aja recovered one of the pictures and will be uploading it soon.

A cell phone started ringing in a potted plant near the fountain. They picked up the phone and there was a text. "Too dangerous. Location change. Head towards the water and let the phone guide you. Meet us at The 2266379." The fans discovered that the numbers corresponded to letters on a phone, leading them to the next location.

The Cannery

The Cannery.jpg

The fans then headed over to the Cannery, which is about two blocks from the fountain. It is located at 2801 Leavenworth Street, at the foot of Columbus Street, overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

When the fans got there, Jonas and Daniel were there. Jonas handed the fans a memo which confirmed that the Ceremony is happening this week.

Aja and Jenni had the note when Lucy showed up. Lucy chased Jonas and Daniel away. They had a prearranged safe meeting location in case anything like this happened. The location was Hyde St. Pier. The fans headed there and waited for Jonas and Daniel to show up.

Hyde St. Pier

Hyde Street Pier

At Hyde St. Pier, Jonas sent a text message on the phone he left at the fountain. It said "Greg Gallows is a mole. We can't trust him. He called Lucy and told her where the location was." Jonas also included a picture of Greg talking to Lucy (see below). Jonas told the community not to tell Greg that they knew he was a mole and not to let him see the memo from earlier, however Greg did end up seeing the memo. Jonas and Daniel got away from Lucy and now need our help deciphering the memo. The memo was scanned and uploaded tonight.


The Memo

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The fans.

The following is a list of fans known to be at the event.

  • Jenni Powell
  • Greg Gallows
  • wookie
  • 121212wer
  • heyaja
  • KareBear1978 and her adorable daughter Becca
  • 707clique/XwestsideX (now revealed as "Ryan", known popularly as RyanFrank)
  • yuukaku
  • Paul
  • Rosie and friend
  • Some guy talking on his cellphone known simply as "Bob"
  • lala_loveee
  • oohpoordaniel
  • Stephanie Wilson "Annie"
  • surfthetsu was there, but only arrived near the end of the event
  • Despite his attempts of convincing people otherwise, TJ was not at the event.

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