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This is an index of all the puzzles that have taken place in the lonelygirl15 web series.

Bree Phone Home

Why can't my dad leave normal voicemails like all the other dads...

In Bree Phone Home, Bree calls several of her relatives in hope of finding out what could have happened to her parents. When she dials great uncle Franklin from San Francisco, her call is picked up by an answering machine for Powell's Dry Cleaners. Bree said the phone number aloud as she dialed it: 287-0211. Since Franklin was in San Francisco, a possible area code was (415). Calling 415-287-0211 allowed you to listen to a message.

Powell's Dry Cleaning Message

Hello and thank you for calling Powell's Dry Cleaners. We are open 7 days a week from 9 am until 5 pm. Our current specials are as follows: Dress shirts 3 for $5 with an 8-9 day turn around time. We also offer rush service at a rate of 3 shirts for $12. Please leave a message after the tone and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Message from Bree's Father

When the numbers mentioned in the message are put together (7953589312) and reversed, it yields (213)-985-3597, a phone number which lead to a voice message from Bree's father:

Bree's Father said:
Bree, it's your father. If you are listening to this message, you managed to crack my code. Your mother and I are safe but I need to talk to you alone. Confirm that you got this by sending me a secret message back. I'll meet you one week after that at the place where we used to talk about Feynman and Jared Diamond. I know you're confused right now. But all will make sense after we talk. I'll see you soon sweetie.

Richard Feynman is a famous physicist for whom Bree has great admiration. She quoted him in her blog Daniel Returns, and More Interesting Factoids (Yay!), in which she tells a story from his book Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman.

Bree also quotes Jared Diamond' Guns, Germs and Steel in the The Tolstoy Principle (and Dad "talks" to Daniel).

These readings have been assumed to be part of Bree's homeschooling, and her dad is referring to a place where they worked on her studies.

Mystery Movies

When Bree hears the answering machine's message for Powell's Dry Cleaners, Bree makes the video Mystery Movies, and names the movies she watched that day. She names the following movies: Citizen Kane, Usual Suspects, Sneakers, Out of Sight, Ocean's Eleven, Never Say Never Again.

The first letter of the titles of these movies spell out "CUSOON", as in "See you soon."

  • Citizen Kane
  • Usual Suspects
  • Sneakers
  • Out of Sight
  • Ocean's Eleven
  • Never Say Never Again

This is her response to her dad's message.

Miss Me?

In Miss Me? very faint symbols that flash momentarily during the video in different corners of the screen. The symbols are braille, although the resolution is poor and the contrast in the video needs to be increased in order to see them properly.


Below are the symbols from the video and the Braille equivalent


Each anagrammed item has a number associated with it in some way:

  • HARD = Hard Eight, a movie. (8)
  • AND LIFE = A song by Skid Row, called 18 and Life (18)
  • HEINZ = The Ketchup (57)
  • SQUARE = 4 Square, the children's game. (4)
  • MILE = 8 mile, the movie. (8)
  • RIP STEPHEN = St. Stephen, who died in the year 34 AD. (34) (Note: Many have also suspect RIP Stephen is also in reference to Bree's dad, whose name is unknown to viewers.)
  • ASMODAI = The demon of lust, the seventh sin. (7)

Message from Daniel

When the numbers from the Braille are put together, the number is: (818)-574-8347, which lead to a voicemail message from Daniel:

Daniel said:
"Hey, this is Daniel. Leave a message if you want to, but I only call back girls who do ceremonies. (In a whisper) Bree, do the ceremony."

Jonas Sucks

In the video Jonas Sucks Daniel found a set of Nancy Drew books and a note from Tachyon. Daniel suspected that the package contained a clue to the password of the encrypted disk Tachyon had left for Bree.

Daniel posted a link to the file (Source, Mirror), a password-protected .rar file named "53454d494f54494353.rar", which is hex for "SEMIOTICS", suggesting that the password to the file already existed in what Tachyon had sent.

Tachyon's Package

Nancy Drew Books

The package contained five books from the Nancy Drew series, including

  • No. 1 The Secret of the Old Clock
  • No. 7 The Clue in the Diary
  • No. 10 Password to Larkspur Lane
  • No. 19 The Quest of the Missing Map
  • No. 52 The Secret of the Forgotten City

Tachyon's Note

Tachyon's note left with the books reads:

  Where it all started
the answer is before you
  a subtle clue I Drew

The Password

The note from Tachyon pointed to "where it all started" and capitalized "Drew" in "a subtle clue I Drew". This led to the first part of the password, "stratemeyer", after Edward Stratemeyer, the creator of the Nancy Drew series. Stratemeyer is an 11-letter word-equal to the number of x's in the upper-left corner of the note.

When Daniel read the note aloud, he mentioned that it was a haiku. However, unlike a true haiku, Tachyon's note actually had 5, 7, and 6 syllables. These numbers, "576" were the second part of the password. They are 3 numbers which corresponds to the 3 y's in the note.

The full password (case sensitive) for the rar file was stratemeyer576. See Bree's disk for what was found once the file was opened.

Comfort Food

Following the video Comfort Food, Daniel looks through Bree's things and finds a note inside P. Monkey and posts it on the forum. It is from Bree's Dad to Bree.

The Note

The note from inside P. Monkey.

The number of the syllables of each line (except for "Love, Dad") corresponded to atomic numbers on the Periodic Table:

Line 1: 6 syllables : Carbon
Line 2: 13 syllables : Aluminium
Line 3: 25 syllables : Manganese
Line 4: 15 syllables : Phosphorus
Line 5: 15 syllables : Phosphorus
Line 6: 3 syllables : Lithum
Line 7: 13 syllables : Aluminium
Line 8: 39 syllables : Yttrium

This lead Daniel and Jonas to the camping site where Bree did her play, where they found an object that turned out to be a box from Bree's father.

The TCC Messages

The letters TCC appeared in code at the end of many Hymn of One videos. Taylor and other forum members theorized conversation it was some sort of sign-off, possibly someone's initials, or the name of an organization.

It was confirmed in Mission Possible that TCC means "The Clarion Call" and is actually Alex. In literature, the clarion call is a point in the plot where a character receives clear justification or incentive for his or her actions in the future of the plot. It is still unclear exactly how this ties into the story however, when Daniel asked Alex what the clarion call meant, she suggested that he ask Sarah.

There are 5 videos with a secret message and the TTC signature hidden in code: Sing With Me, Be Part of Something, FOLLOW YOUR HAPPINESS, Look Back and Sing Until The End.

The First Message

Both Sing With Me and Be Part of Something are a part of the same message using the first letter of every sentence in each video.

  • Sing With Me: "HELP HER FRIDAY TCC"
  • Be Part of Something: "BENEATH THE BLUESTONE"

This message allowed Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah to find and rescue Bree in the video Getting Her Back.

Follow Your Happiness

The word "Follow" in the title suggests to look after the words Your Happiness. All the words in the video that come after "your happiness" make up the message "My Hands Are Tied. She's Being Prepared. I'm Sorry." The signature comes from the first letter of the last three lines in the video and spell TCC.

Look Back

All the words said before "look back" spell the message "Friday Early Low Tide Yacht Club Parents Slip". The signature comes from the first letter of the last three lines in the video and spell TCC.

This message led Daniel and Sarah to the slip where Jonas's parents docked their yacht in All Wet.

Sing Until The End

The last word of every sentence in the video spells the message "Road Block. I Am Coming To You. Everyone Must Be Careful. Order Everywhere. Stop Questions. Answers May Be Too Difficult For You." The signature comes from the first letter of the last three lines in the video and spell TCC.

The Bree Solution

In The Bree Solution, Spencer and Taylor requested help with a few remaining pieces of paper that have been severely water damaged from Sarah's actions in All Wet.

The Document

The Bree Solution

Spencer posted the document on the forum here.

The full document's transcription was determined to be (fixes from Taylor's suggestions in bold):

The Bree Solution
How to transform Bree from TRAIT: POSITIVE to TRAIT:NEGATIVE

Given Facts:
1) Bree's blood contains a special ribozyme mutated and unique only to her
2) The gene for said ribozyme has a regulatory hyper mutation that changes with every generation.
3) A non-functioning mutated ribozyme exists and manifests differently in every Hymn of One girl
4) This portion still functions but you cannot block it because the complementary strand of RNA won't copy

Theoretical Solution
1) Block the ribozyme in question by obtaining a sample of the that same ribozyme in order to copy it
2) Create complimentary strand of RNA
3) Q.E.D. strand will bind to ribozyme and occlude its activity

Practical Solution
1) Obtain blood sample of Bree
2) Create complimentary strand of RNA
3) Inject Bree with this complementary strand
4) Q.E.D. Ribozymes blocked -rendered ineffectual

Bree Trait Reference Points
The steps concerning ribozyme function
RNAse P related -tRNA cleavage
Splicosome related - intron/exon splicing
Hammerhead related - telomere synthesis
GlmS ribozyme related - fructose 6-phosphate pathway

Season One Finale

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Way of the Gun

The video Way of the Gun features Morse code starting at 0:44 (37 seconds into the video). It translates into the following numbers:

3 4 . 2 8 1 5 5 1 1 8 . 7 3 6 4 8

Given that the code contained decimal places, it was determined that it was latitude and longitude coordinates +34.28155, -118.73648, giving us the location of a United States Post Office in Simi Valley, CA.

This lead Jonas to find his parents in A Family Affair.

Who's Next?

The video Who's Next? features both flashing sequences of binary and flashes of letters and numbers.

The Binary

All binary frames + plain text solution

The binary seen in the video translates to: "We know this file contains secrets about the order and the girls they seek. We must find the next girl. This card is heavily coded and time sensitive. Only the following could be removed at this point. Watch closely. Somewhere in these images is our girl."

The Characters

With the characters that flash, the order they appear in is unimportant. Instead, the location of their appearance is the key. When mapping the characters by their location, the following "image" appears:

h t t p : /
/ w w w . f
l i c k r .
c o m / p h
o t o s / 1
1 6 9 8 5 2
2 @ n 0 7 Я!

Which, obviously, is a link to this Flickr account.

Flickr update

Originally the Flickr account had several black and white images and the Degas painting Little Girl Carrying Flowers in Her Apron, with a date "8-30-07" located under the painting's image.

Two days after the video was posted (on August 30, 2007), all images were removed from the Flickr account, and replaced by nine instances of the same picture, showing Emma, captioned "next". (The message, obviously, being that Emma supposedly is the next girl chosen for the Ceremony.) This was conveyed to the main characters by Taylor in Run!.

Help Us!

The video Help Us! features several encoded messages.

First is an irregular heartbeat sound, which was determined to be Morse code. It translated to "9999 13TH STREET T EYES OPEN AND FOLLOW", which lead Jonas to create the video Spreading the Song.

Second is a video inlay of a black and white version of Watch This!. It flashes white irregularly, also using Morse code. It translated to "GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY", which lead to the video Robbing the Cradle.

Emma's Messages

Once she was taken by Claire, Emma started to post videos claiming to be safe. However, in each of these videos she makes unusual hand gestures. These gestures were eventually determined to be Plains Indian Sign Language.

Emma makes signs in the following videos:

0:27 - I
0:36 - Stand
0:46 - Indian
0:59 - End
1:59 - Deer
2:04 - Deer
0:17 - Red
0:43 - Kill
0:50 - Friend
1:49 - Hard
3:04 - Red
0:50 - Stand
1:43 - Come

In the video Goodbye For Now, Emma makes no signs, indicating that we have all that is necessary to receive her message. Additionally, she says "the elder is the key". It was determined that "theelder" was the key to a Vigenere cipher using the first letter from her signs in the previous videos (ISIEDDRKFHRSC). The solution is "Pleasant Manor", which Jonas recognizes in Is This The End?.

Am I A Criminal?

The Memo from Ted McKinley's

In Am I A Criminal?, Daniel steals several folders from Ted McKinley's apartment. A memo from one of the folders was given to fans at the San Francisco Live Event, and was subsequently posted to inside LG15. (Source)

With the help of Taylor on the forums, it was revealed that Olivier Henry, the supposed President of Biotherapy, was merely a psuedonym for William Sydney Porter - this is the real name of the popular author O. Henry.

Playing With Wood

In Playing With Wood, the girls play Boggle using what appears to be a staged game because the cubes are all right side up, except for the Ws, which are up-side-down.

The Boggle board reads:


It was eventually discovered by Greg Gallows that the Boggle board was an anagram for "Craigslist Emma LA". Under the LA missed connections section of Craigslist, a posting by Emma was found, intended for her parents:

Emma is THE best at Boggle - w4m
Date: 2008-02-12, 8:42PM PST said:
Mom and Dad -- Still up at the cabin. Starting to feel better. Miss you guys so much. Need to talk but can't use phone. Can you chat on Thursday, 6:00PM?



Girl, Returned

In Girl, Returned, a CD is left with the return of Gina. Jonas posted a scanned image of the CD in the forum here.

Around the CD are the numbers:

These numbers directly correspond to their respective letters in the alphabet, revealing the anagram:


When solved, the anagram reveals "Bronislava" and "Yeugeny", Bree and Gina's birth names. The contents of the disc were revealed in Recovered Memory.

Note: The pronunciation of Gina's birth name was originally closer to "Yevgeny", and this spelling was discussed in a blog post by the Creators.

Booby Trap?

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The letter. Click for full size version.

In Booby Trap?, Emma sends the group a letter and an iPod. Jonas posted Emma's note and the iPod playlist on the forums.

The Letter

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Emma's Letter said:

Jonas, I know you're searching for me. Here's what I've been listening to lately. Can't be sure this playlist will fall into the wrong hands, but hopefully it will help you while you look. I shift it around my place a few times a day. Never more than four though. If you can't figure out why, this could be the end of your track.

Emma xoxo

The Playlist

JXQZEYLU53, 9, 4
YBZH, 1, 2
OBJ, 6,4
XABJX, 3,1

Each letter sequence was discovered to be an artist's name when shifted by 3. The numbers at the end were then used to correspond to an album (in iTunes) and track number from that artist (album being the second number), giving the following decoded playlist ([Artist], [Album], [Song]):

Taproot, Gift, I
Matchbox 20, Exile On Mainstream, 3 am
Beck, Odelay, Devils Haircut
Dave Matthews Band, Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95, Lie In Our Graves
Dave Matthews Band, Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95, Two Step
R.E.M., Life's Rich Pageant, Underneath the Bunker
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma
Aftermath, Aftermath, What to Do
Mariah Carey, The Emancipation of Mimi, Get Your Number
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals, Live From Mars, Welcome to the Cruel World
Adema, Adema, Giving In
Shinoba, Hybrid Theory, Crawlin
Quiet Mirrors, An Open Diary Always Locked, Thesis

The clue informed Jonas that a list of bunkers could be found on the back of The Order in the Modern Empire. This lead to Bunker #7.


In Stiff, Jonas displays the numbers for Emma:

(56) 27660 (330) 468698

When shifted by two, the numbers gave coordinates to an intersection in downtown LA.

Prom: It's To Die For

In Prom: It's To Die For - Part 3, Jennie releases a puzzle to clue TAAG in to her location.

Jennie said:
The arms of Zephyrus reach out. Moving the Cardinal towards Magellan's footsteps. The Sound of Music evaporates underneath the uneven condition where Agnes stood.
  • "The arms of Zephyrus" - Zephyrus was the God of the west wind, indicating that TAAG should head west
  • "Moving the Cardinal" - Cardinals are high ranking members of the Catholic Church, leading us to think about Catholicism
  • "Towards Magellan's footsteps" - Ferdinand Magellan attempted to sail the Pacific Ocean, leading TAAG to the Pacific
  • "The Sound of Music" - The Sound of Music is a movie about nuns, leading us to think about nuns
  • "Evaporates underneath the uneven condition" - Evaporation = water; Uneven condition = rocky beach
  • "Where Agnes stood" - Agnes is the given name of Mother Teresa (which is connected to the clues about Catholicism and nuns), who was a champion of poverty.

This information led us to the beach upon which Jennie filmed her It's The Doing That Matters video.

Born Free

The first page is phrase constructed using International maritime signal flags. It translates to "LAKE CLANDON BY THE MARKED TREE".

The second page is a phrase constructed using Morse code. It translates to "BLACK ROCK".

The third page is, once again, an International maritime signal flag. It reads simply "A".

Together, the full message is "Lake Clandon by the marked tree, a black rock."


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In Handcuffed, Jonas mentions that Taylor discovered a code on the microchip they found and asks for help.

The code, a cryptogram, translates to "sixteen times a new age loses lite/til we steal it for eternal nite/stars will fall in his time/as we Elders see greatest find." In a stanza, it more neatly reads:

"Sixteen times, a new age loses light,
Until we steal it for eternal night.
Stars will fall in his time,
As we, Elders, see greatest find."
  • Forum discussions: 1, 2

Grave Drawings

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In Grave Drawings, Jonas shows drawings that they found in the cement and asks for help in deciphering them.

The drawing translates to, "Finish him at Lufkin." Lufkin is a town about 25 miles away from Zavalla.

This lead to the video Basement Captive.

The Ascension

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