Shadow of Death

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Episode 283/2x027
Shadow of Death

Give us the girl, Jonas.

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted September 8th, 2007
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Length 2:49
Description I'm not sure exactly what happened or what I saw, but we got it all on tape. What do you guys think?
Location(s) Arizona
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 jonas jonastko daniel danielbeast sarah taylor order watcher seeker emma bree helicopter
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jan Libby and Miles Beckett
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Jan Libby
Editor(s) Colin Hargraves
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Jonas Jackson Davis
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
Seeker Marcello Daciano
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Shadow of Death is the two-hundred eighty-third video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the twenty-seventh video of season two.


(Musical montage of rain against a car window, unfocusing then focusing back on to cars, cutting to trees, then underbrush, back to road and trees then finally resting on a coyote.)

Daniel: Whoa, look at that! Pull over man. (sound of the car coming to a stop) Emma are you getting this?

(Daniel, Jonas, and Emma appear to get out of the car, the camera pans across a burnt area of forest.)

Daniel: Wow, this is amazing.

(A camera shot from a distance, more of the burnt landscape possible to see. Daniel and Jonas walk along, Daniel picks something up, cutting to a badly burnt tree, still smoking, then back to Daniel and Jonas who continue to explore as thunder sounds in the background, Daniel points to something on the ground. Cutting to another burnt tree the sound of helicopters comes from the distance.)

Daniel: Jonas... do you hear that?

Helicopter voice: We have you surrounded, Jonas. All we need is the girl.

Jonas: Yes! Emma! Give me that! (Ruffling as the camera is exchanged, Daniel, Jonas, and Emma begin to run.) They found us! They're everywhere!

(Emma trips and falls along the way, but Jonas pulls her back up they continue to run.)

Jonas: They're right above us!

Emma: What? Where!?

Sarah: Daniel!

(Daniel turns at the sound of his name.)

Daniel: Sarah?!

Sarah: Daniel! Come on! Go! What are you doing here?

Jonas: C'mon! Sarah!

Daniel: Follow Jonas! Just go!

Sarah: Okay!

(They continue to run for a time, then pause to catch their breath.)

Helicopter voice: It's over. Give us the girl, Jonas. You have nowhere to run.

Jonas: You're not gonna get her!

Emma: What? What are they saying, Jonas, who're they talking about?

Jonas: It's okay...It's okay...

Helicopter voice: All we want is Emma. Hand her over and you're free to go.

Jonas: You're not gonna get her!

Helicopter voice: Give up, Jonas.

(Emma runs into the clearing)

Jonas: (running after her) No, no, no.

Daniel: Get her!

(Emma collapses. The helicopters continue to circle.)

Emma: No!!

Daniel: Get her out of here! ...Come on, get her out of here, they're coming!

Helicopter voice: We want you, Daniel and the girl to back off.

Emma: I don't wanna do this.

Helicopter voice: Just give us the girl and walk away.

Emma: I don't wanna go...I don't wanna go!

Jonas: Come on Emma, we gotta get out of here! Get on your feet!


Jonas: Emma, come on!

(Two figures - thought to be a Seeker and Lucy - approach from behind with guns drawn. Emma struggles with Jonas to walk towards them. )

Daniel: Let's get out of here. Jonas, get her down.

Jonas: Emma, get down, what're you doing?!

Emma: I have to do this. Please!

(Too late. The Seeker approaches, and points his gun at them both.)

Seeker: Get down.

(Emma stands up instead, and begins to walk towards him.)

Jonas: No, Emma! What are you doing!

Emma: Jonas!

(The Seeker lifts and points his gun at her threateningly while she approaches. Suddenly, a shot rings out and a bullet hits the ground next to Daniel as a warning shot. Emma panics and tackles him. We see Lucy in the background, holding her gun up in front of her.)

Emma: NO!!

(Jonas runs up to her and tries to pull her off the body. She struggles, all the while incoherently shouting.)

Jonas: It doesn't matter! Go!

(The camera cuts to show Lucy walking to the body while they run away. She bends down to check his pulse. While this is shown a girl's voice, most likely Emma's, is heard to say, "...I don't know, I think I killed him!")

Jonas: Go! Run!

(They run.)

Emma: What happened?

Jonas: I don't know!

Emma: Do you think he'll be okay?

Jonas: He's fine!

Daniel: Come on!

Jonas: Come on, we gotta move!

(Helicopter noises fade. Emma pauses and looks at the sky.)

Emma: Where'd they go?


  • The title of this video might reference to Psalm 23 where it quotes:
Psalm 23 said:
...though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil for You are with me...
  • On Sept. 19., 2007, this video was featured on the main page of, but was removed from the front page within one day for reasons unknown. Due mainly to the feature, however, the video is the most viewed episode of Season 2.
  • During the final take of the scene in which Emma leaps on the Seeker, Katherine Pawlak jumped on Marcello Daciano (the director) really hard, causing him to land funny and "like, break his neck." He ended up having to direct the rest of the videos at the Grand Canyon "practically paralyzed." [1]
  • This video is filmed from a parallax perspective.