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Throughout the series, many helicopters have been seen. This page will list the sightings, along with theories of what the meaning of them are.

Sightings in Lonelygirl15

Fleeing The Watcher

Shortly after Bree and Daniel leave their hotel, a helicopter flies by their car as they stop on the side of the road. This video also includes the tag "helicopter".

A helicopter flies by.

Breaking And Entering

Right before Daniel enters the warehouse, a helicopter flies by.

Bree's Dad Is Dead

A helicopter flies by as Bree, Daniel and Jonas are hanging out on the beach.

The Unthinkable Happened

Right before the shooting, a sound is heard that many fans have said sounds a bit like a helicopter.

The Human Ransom

Bree, Daniel and Jonas climb up a ladder with a whooshing sound, assumed to be a helicopter. But instead of it being the Order's helicopter it is Tachyon's, as the pilot is Brother.

Truckstop Reunion

Jonas and Daniel see a helicopter fly by as they drive to the truckstop.

We Found Julia!!!

A helicopter can be heard in the background as Bree and Jonas wait for Julia to arrive.

Let's Play Doctor

While Daniel is fleeing from the security at the hospital, the sound of a helicopter is noticeable.


A helicopter can be heard during this video.

Mission Beta

A helicopter can be heard towards the end in this video.

12 in 12

Helicopters can be heard and seen in almost every single of the 12 videos.

I'm Done

A helicopter can be seen in this video.

Shadow of Death

A helicopter chases down Jonas, Daniel, Sarah, and Emma.

Share My Sleeping Bag

A helicopter is shown in a clip by Sarah.

Sightings in KateModern

Welcome to the roof

Helicopters fly behind Tariq.

Gavin Steps Up

Helicopters are heard in the background.

Sightings in The Resistance

Day of Atonement

At 3:00.p.m of the 12in12, a helicopter can be heard at 0:58 and can be seen at 1:00


  • It is rumored that The Order is using these helicopters as ways to keep watch on TAAG.
  • Fans also speculate that the helicopters are owned by Tachyon and Brother.
  • Taylor mentions in her video, A New Lead, that Bree was picked up by The Order via helicopter. This most likely confirms that the helicopters seen and heard in previous videos also belonged to the Order.