Sisters Are Forever

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LonelyJew15 Video 0021
Sisters Are Forever


Blogger Anne
Date Posted November 8th, 2007
Description I took Jerry's advice and decided to hear Margot out.
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 margot sisters bethany missing attic anne frank diary opadolf
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Adam Daroff
Director(s) Adam Daroff
Vidplay Jenni Powell
Story Jenni Powell
Editor(s) Adam Daroff
Anne Jenni Powell
Margot Emily Maya Mills
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Sisters Are Forever is the twenty-first video in the LonelyJew15 video series. It is also the twenty-first video of season one.


(Anne is sitting next to Margot with her arms crossed. )

Anne: So you said you had something to say to me.

Margot: You watch the video then?

Anne: Yeah, and I just can't believe you would do something like that Margot. You of all people should know how much Bethany means to me.

Margot: Well you of all people should know how much we used to mean to each other. Ever since I switched rooms and you started hanging out with Peter and spending all your time with Peter I feel like I have no place and I felt like I needed to make you hate him. So I stole Bethany and I framed him.

Anne: But Margot, it wasn't like that at all. You switching rooms didn't have anything to do with me spending time with Peter. I mean, I can't have my older sister being my only friend.

Margot: I know! But don't you think that maybe I would have liked to been invited every once and a while, included in the collage making parties. I would have shared my rations to make cookies. I wanted to spend time with you and Miep. I could have helped.

Anne: We what did you think? We you going to go pint a gun at Hilter's face?

Margot: I could have helped

Anne: Ha, the idea with you and a gun at all is something I would never imagine in a million years and I have a really strong imagination.

Margot: Listen, I know that I'm shy and I keep to myself sometime but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have appreciated being included you know, invited, just acknowledged. I have feelings too, and I live here too. And just because we are forced into this close proximity by circumstance doesn't mean that I don't feel a million miles away.

Anne: Margot, you're right. I've been so insensitivve. To you, and to Peter and to everybody and I promise, I'm going to try really hard not to let that happen anymore.

(The girls hug)

Margot: Oh Anne, I'm so happy.

Anne: Me too. Except one thing.

Margot: What?

Anne: It doesn't change the fact that Bethany is still gone.

Margot: Well there's only one thing we can do about that.

Anne: Well what's that?

Margot: We're going to go get her.