Skittle Pickle

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Episode LEE18
Skittle Pickle

Skittles don't grows on trees.. leaves do!

Blogger Lee
Date Posted May 29th, 2008
Length 0:28
Description ...
Location(s) The new flat
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
On-Set Producer Louis Figgis
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Neil Mossey
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) John Palmer
Animator(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Lee (voice) Sam Donovan
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Skittle Pickle is the eighteenth video posted by Lee. It takes place during season two of the KateModern video series. It was never posted on the KateModern website.


(Skittles are strewn on the kitchen counter, with a clapperboard lying in the middle. The clapperboard lifts from the pile of Skittles and is lowered in front of the camera, showing that Lee is the director and cameraman, the film is titled "Skittle Pickle" and this is take 24. He claps the board and throws it onto the counter. A beep is heard as Lee displays the clapperboard again.)

(Cut to a Barbie doll wearing a gown made out of a Skittles bag.)

Lee: As a young man (A mustache appears on the Barbie. Cut to the Barbie chasing after a Skittle on a string.) I'd only eat pickles. (Cut to the Barbie standing on the Kitchen counter.) But then I suffered from a case of the fickles. (The Barbie's face turns green. Cut to a mug filled with dirt. A tree begins to grow, which sprouts Skittles.) I sold many tickles for a lot of nickels (The Barbie sits under the tree. Cut to a spinning pinwheel.) and bought myself a big bag of Skittles! (Cut to a bunch of Skittles rotating. Cut to the word "Skittles" spelled out in skittles.) Skittles (Cut to the word "DON'T" spelled in red Skittles on pink icing.) don't (Cut to the word "GROW" spelled in purple Skittles on green cardboard.) grow on trees... (Cut to the word "TREES" spelled in green clay.) Leaves do.