Snow Angels

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Template:Blog4 Snow Angels is the one hundred thirty-sixth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. Jonas and Bree check out the perimeter around the cabin.


Jonas: Everybody, I'm, uh, I'm whispering because I don't want to wake up Daniel. Check it out. (Pans to show Daniel asleep on the couch. Laughs.) Anyway, so, uh, we made it up here to my parents' cabin, uploaded the video, and then just crashed out. Hopefully, we'll be safer up here...after what happened to us. So, I ran into Bree last night about three in the morning. Neither of us could sleep, so we watched TV. And she said that she wanted to, I don't know, go out and hike and scout the perimeter, make sure it was safe today, so...that's what we're doing.

(Montage of Jonas making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.)

Jonas: There she is.

Bree: (Walks into the room carrying a white coat) You ready to go?

Jonas: Oh yeah. Look, I made sandwiches. I know-I know they're not egg salad, but...peanut butter, right? Huh? Chunky.

(Cut to Bree and Jonas outside. Bree sits down on a bench and eats her sandwich. Cut to Bree throwing the snow up in the air. Cut to Jonas making a snow angel.)

Bree: Okay, so, we checked the perimeter around the house pretty thoroughly, far everything looks good. We're still gonna have one person stay awake all night, take turns, to keep watch. Right now, we're heading back to the house!

(Cut back to the house. Jonas is saying something unintelligible.)

Bree: No, I can't, I don't have a job.

Jonas: Yeah...

(Camera pans to Daniel sitting at the table eating breakfast)

Jonas: Hey, Beast, what's up, man?

Bree: (talking over Jonas) Hello.

Daniel: Morning.

Jonas: How you doin'? How'd you sleep?

Daniel: Long.

Jonas: Yeah?

Daniel: Yeah. Where'd you guys go?

Jonas: We went--

Bree: Every--

Jonas: Everywhere dude. It was crazy.

Bree: (Giggles)

Daniel: Yeah?

Jonas: Mmhmm.

Daniel: Thanks for waking me up.

Jonas: I thought you wanted to sleep?

Daniel: Whatever. (Gets up and leaves)

(Camera pans back to Jonas, who makes a pained expression.)


  • The egg salad comment by Jonas refers to My Parents Suck.... In that video, Bree makes egg salad sandwiches for her hike with Daniel.
  • Jonas is once again sporting a cap, but odds are it was just because of the cold weather.
  • The videos Watch This!, Yellow Snow, and Snow Angels mark the first time that Bree, Daniel, and Jonas have all been in three consecutive videos.
  • Fans generally agree that the scouting out of the perimeter by Bree and Jonas seemed a little more romantically-driven than the two of them would admit to.
  • Where Bree got snow clothes from, or why she would have them in the first place is unknown.
  • On YouTube, a picture of Bree and "LG15" in the bottom left corner is put right in the middle, making it appear as a thumbnail. This trick has also been used in Truth Or Dare, The Unthinkable Happened, Watch This!, and Yellow Snow and could be used for future videos.
  • If indeed the Order knows who Jonas is, some fans have speculated that they should be able to quickly locate his parents' cabin by researching County & State real estate records.