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This is the entire chatlog of the chat following the puzzle solve after Sounds of Silence, starting at the moment Sibylla joins, ending when she leaves. Sibylla's lines have been colored green for easy distinction. A filtered version can be found here.

*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<Renegade15>	-_^
<SibyllaWeave>	Your smarter than I thought Renegade
<Renegade15>	so I'm right about you being Cruella De Vil? :P
<Shiori>	I said it was substitution..
<SibyllaWeave>	Forgive me Shiori that I didn't pay my respects to you
<SibyllaWeave>	You may be close Renegade
<Renegade15>	tell me this, are you controlling the group's internet?
<Shiori>	So, uh, what's with the eye closups, Sibylla? Is it that the rest of you is that bad looking?
<SibyllaWeave>	Well you'll just have to  tell my Shiori
<SibyllaWeave>	The Internet? Remember I said that I MAY have someone inside the house?
<Shiori>	Maybe she's just blind. :P
<Renegade15>	Having someone in the house does not allow you to rewrite the internet.
<Shiori>	What? I rewrite the internets all the time!
<SibyllaWeave>	ah but that's the secret then isn't it Renegade?
<Renegade15>	clearing your history after a pr0n session does not count, shi :P
<Shiori>	lol
<Renegade15>	you don't strike me as someone who has to be afraid of the truth, Sibylla
 *	YourFavoritePJ has joined #LG15chat
<YourFavoritePJ>	EVIL!
<Renegade15>	I'm just curious about the technical's not like I could stop you, anyway
<Renegade15>	your sister's not here, pj ;)
<YourFavoritePJ>	har har
<YourFavoritePJ>	I should hope not
<SibyllaWeave>	I never have to be afraid of the truth
<YourFavoritePJ>	Good morning, Sibylla.
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh and PJ your sister almost got away with herjob... almost
<YourFavoritePJ>	Or should I say [Word Blocked]?
<YourFavoritePJ>	...
<YourFavoritePJ>	o.o
<YourFavoritePJ>	[Word Blocked]!
<YourFavoritePJ>	What the hell
*	YourFavoritePJ stomps off*
<Renegade15>	c'mon, Sibylla...throw a little nerd some scraps...Man in the Middle attack? DNS poisoning? lots of booze?
<Shiori>	Aww! :(
<Shiori>	They're killing piggies in Mexico
<Shiori>	Sibylla, focus your evil towards good for a change and save them. ;)
<Renegade15>	don't tell her that
<Renegade15>	she'll turn them into an army of spiderpigs
<Renegade15>	and then what?
<SibyllaWeave>	save them? hardly
<SibyllaWeave>	what's the fun in that?
*	aeryolol has joined #LG15chat
<Renegade15>	you could turn an army of infected pigs loose onto an innocent major city
<Shiori>	Exactly
<Renegade15>	sounds like something evil would do to me
<Renegade15>	hi katie
<Renegade15>	back to your sinister plans, though
<Renegade15>	Are all the girls supposed to fulfil their purpose soon, or are you going to store some of them?
<aeryolol>	ayeee sup?
<SibyllaWeave>	Why should I tell you that?
<Renegade15>	oh, and one out of personal you hold the same position in Australia as Lucy does in the states?
<Shiori>	If you store them, be sure to use plastic wrap
<Shiori>	Preserve the freshness!
<Renegade15>	I'm not sure it works that way, Shi...more like the Matrix, I think
*	ajawesome has joined #LG15chat
<Renegade15>	hey aja
<SibyllaWeave>	Nice way to go Shiori. Sure you don't want to join me?
*	ChanServ sets mode +o ajawesome
<YourFavoritePJ>	Lucy? Hardly, more like OzAphid!
<Shiori>	Could be fun.. I could infect them with my germs
<ajawesome>	hi gade
*	YourFavoritePJ glares at Sibylla
<ajawesome>	anyone solve the puzzle yet?
<Shiori>	But Australia's kind of a long flight from here...
<YourFavoritePJ>	You're lucky I can't get ahold of the others
<Renegade15>	yes, meet sibylla, its designer
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, aja
<ajawesome>	hi
<ajawesome>	yeah I just got it
<Shiori>	Any girls I could take down in the US? Other than Emma and the others that have eluded capture so far on the West Coast...
<ajawesome>	it was the second key I tried XD
<Renegade15>	what was that quote on bash? "does your army of darkness have a dental plan?"
<SibyllaWeave>	You have something you wish to say Pj?
<YourFavoritePJ>	Yes
<YourFavoritePJ>	it's something like
<YourFavoritePJ>	YOU ARE EVIL
<ajawesome>	I still don't get where that puzzle came from
<YourFavoritePJ>	but that's kind of obvious
<Renegade15>	I'm pretty sure that's a point of view question
<ajawesome>	but I suppose I would have to watch the series to understand that
<Renegade15>	aja, tinag
<YourFavoritePJ>	God Aja you are so rusty
<ajawesome>	psh
*	ajawesome wanders off
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, how did you end up in the Order, anyway?
<Renegade15>	I mean, does that happen? Are there auditions, or are members culled from the HoO?
<YourFavoritePJ>	She's not going to tell us anything, isn't it obvious why she's in here?
<YourFavoritePJ>	Sadist
<Shiori>	She's here to take down Ren? GASP!
<YourFavoritePJ>	she only came in here to make us mad
<SibyllaWeave>	It's alright Aja, don't let these fools make you feel inferior
<Renegade15>	assess our intellect and build a puzzle we can't crack?
<Renegade15>	purely to see us squirm?
<SibyllaWeave>	you wouldn't have gotten it without my help
<Renegade15>	that's because you played unfair
<YourFavoritePJ>	evil evil evil
<Renegade15>	you gave us a puzzle that required a key, and inferior or no hints towards the key
<Renegade15>	then again, PJ is right
<Renegade15>	you're evil
<Renegade15>	you don't have to play fair >_>
*	Traveler83 has joined #LG15chat
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<YourFavoritePJ>	I'm right about a lot of things, like your identity!
*	Traveler83 is now known as starfruitmango
<starfruitmango>	WTF.. Sibylla is here?
<Renegade15>	yes
<ajawesome>	to be fair, I saw the hints she gave
<SibyllaWeave>	ah but I gave you a clue in a previous puzzel
<ajawesome>	and I was able to get it from that
<ajawesome>	so... maybe it's just user error XD
<Shiori>	BTW, Sibylla, you need to tell Chas's Watcher that he needs to be more careful
<Renegade15>	you gave us a clue that there might be a key necessary
<Shiori>	Almost shot her, you know
<Renegade15>	that tells us nothing about the key
<starfruitmango>	im confused.. lol what are you guys discussing
<Renegade15>	they key could have been "traitpositivegirlsgonewild" for all we knew
<YourFavoritePJ>	oh hey
<YourFavoritePJ>	I was just thinking
<YourFavoritePJ>	if the group left the safehouse
<ajawesome>	didn't the video have a description of poisonous or something?
<SibyllaWeave>	yes?
<ajawesome>	that's the clue right there
<Renegade15>	maybe she's here 'cause she lost 'em?
<SibyllaWeave>	dazzle us with your thoughts PJ
<Renegade15>	that's today's video, aja
<ajawesome>	ah
<ajawesome>	gotcha
<Renegade15>	the puzzle was yesterday
<ajawesome>	I'll stop talking since I'm so out of it
<YourFavoritePJ>	well, regardless she won't be able to keep such a close eye on them
<YourFavoritePJ>	can't have cameras everywhere you know
*	SibyllaWeave starts to sing Someone in the house
<YourFavoritePJ>	and wait, why did the elder give them that disk in the first place? And what role does Erica play in all of this?
<starfruitmango>	Sibylla.. how is that you shut down their accounts without them knowing?.. just curious
<YourFavoritePJ>	and wtf did you do to my keyboard?
<YourFavoritePJ>	[Word Block]
*	Traveler93 has joined #LG15chat
<YourFavoritePJ>	-_-
<SibyllaWeave>	simple.  I've just responded to them as YOU
*	P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler93. Please let us know who you are! If you want your displayed name to be ABCDE type /nick ABCDE (please replace ABCDE with your preferred nickname) --
<YourFavoritePJ>	Oh my God
<Renegade15>	so you can make anyone say whatever you want to them? ^^
<starfruitmango>	your an evil little BEEP
<YourFavoritePJ>	I'm glad I covered my bases back when I sent [Word Block] emails dealing with [word block]!
*	Traveler93 is now known as Angelique
<YourFavoritePJ>	ugh
<starfruitmango>	*you're
<YourFavoritePJ>	AIMEE
*	ajawesome sets mode +v SibyllaWeave
<Angelique>	So what have I missed?
<Renegade15>	Sibylla here was just telling us that she is replying as us to the group
<YourFavoritePJ>	Sibylla's a bitch
<YourFavoritePJ>	that's about it
<Renegade15>	hence why they don't know they're cut off
<SibyllaWeave>	Thank you PJ
<Renegade15>	she is unwilling to reveal how she is doing that on a technical level, though
<YourFavoritePJ>	You're welcome, she-who-must-not-be-named.
<Angelique>	How is she replying as us to the group?
<Renegade15>	see above
<SibyllaWeave>	personally PJ I would stop flirting with Leigh.  She's a bit fragile at the moment
<Angelique>	Ohhh okay Renegade
<YourFavoritePJ>	-_-
<starfruitmango>	don't you have anything better to do than stalk a bunch of little girls?
<Renegade15>	All the more reason she needs someone to lean on
<Renegade15>	>_>
<SibyllaWeave>	and Renegade, badgering Jayde isn't going to get you anywhere
<Renegade15>	pfft
<Renegade15>	I'm just trying to make Toni jealous
<Angelique>	Yeah... how is she technically hacking into ALL our accounts to respond to the group?
<YourFavoritePJ>	Oh yeah? and what about [Word Block]
<starfruitmango>	Sibylla.. many of us think that you ARE Jayde
<Angelique>	Ren - How are you trying to make Toni jelous what happened?
<starfruitmango>	so it would make sense of you to protect her
<YourFavoritePJ>	bitch
*	Traveler45 has joined #LG15chat
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<Renegade15>	xD
*	Traveler45 is now known as pmcc
<pmcc>	so u all figer it out yet
<pmcc>	?
<Renegade15>	yes, we did
<starfruitmango>	Little sibby decided to join us
<Renegade15>	prompting a visit of you-know-who
*	Renegade15 points at the nicklist
<pmcc>	lol aww we needed that much help from her wow where sad
<Renegade15>	you're not supposed to agree with her, you know
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh no.
<SibyllaWeave>	They're quite capable of screwing it up themselves
<Renegade15>	see what you did?
*	Traveler86 has joined #LG15chat
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<Renegade15>	Sibylla, what's the weather like where you are?
<pmcc>	lol well i tryed it also and couldent do it so give credit when credit is due
*	Traveler86 has quit IRC: Client Quit
*	Traveler04 has joined #LG15chat
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*	Traveler04 is now known as Angelique2
<starfruitmango>	Sibylla. Tell us who you are!
<Angelique2>	Okay that was mean.. computer kicked me off
<YourFavoritePJ>	And while you're at it!
<pmcc>	y would she do that?
<YourFavoritePJ>	Give Star a million dollars
<starfruitmango>	lol
<YourFavoritePJ>	and release Jonas and Maggie!
<SibyllaWeave>	Ah but I don't have that power
<starfruitmango>	its not like we can tell the Lasties anything
<pmcc>	so wount do anting just cuz u ask
<SibyllaWeave>	AUSTRALIA
<SibyllaWeave>	remember?
<pmcc>	she**
<Renegade15>	pfft...Carruthers easily lured Jonas to England and sent a spy back with him
<Renegade15>	and you can't even import a prisoner from another cell of your own organization?
<pmcc>	u have to make her lol
<YourFavoritePJ>	Also, I believe that Gina is alive and that you have her captured in a basement somewhere!
<YourFavoritePJ>	well
<Renegade15>	guess you're lower in the hierarchy than I thought
<YourFavoritePJ>	a guy can dream
<Renegade15>	probably nothing but a shadow team leader or something
<YourFavoritePJ>	Gade, Carruthers is kind of over the whole order
<YourFavoritePJ>	even as far as the elders go
<YourFavoritePJ>	Carl said so
<starfruitmango>	But Sib.. I don't see why you have to spy on them... can't you just like raid the house and take them all? It's kind of creepy what you do.
<Renegade15>	Carl was also not exactly trustworthy, PJ
<SibyllaWeave>	hmm... also why would I do anything to help you?
<Renegade15>	besides, that was not the point ;)
<SibyllaWeave>	Ah Carl, such a waste
<YourFavoritePJ>	you got that right
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, are you on the island or on the main land?
<pmcc>	so y are u here sib lol theres 2 resons 1 cuz u like the attion or 2 cuz u really want to help but dont want to get caught
<SibyllaWeave>	what's the fun in telling?
<starfruitmango>	I don't see the strategy in sticking cameras in their house and watching them.. get your order buddies and kidnap em'
<Renegade15>	petrifying us, of course
<pmcc>	cuz shes following orders thats y
<YourFavoritePJ>	I think it's because Leigh isn't ready for the ceremony
<YourFavoritePJ>	she's still taking injections
<Renegade15>	leaving us helpless and scared knowing exactly where you are and what you're doing, with no way to stop you
<starfruitmango>	I think its because Sibby is a peeping tom.
<pmcc>	lol
<SibyllaWeave>	well well well... PJ you've surprised me again
<SibyllaWeave>	well there is that star
<starfruitmango>	ew gross
<Renegade15>	xD
<pmcc>	lol
<starfruitmango>	YOU JUST WANT TO SEE BRAY SHIRTLESS... thats it!!
<SibyllaWeave>	were's toad? I miss his mindless drivel
<Renegade15>	so basically, the order finances its missions through voyeur porn? >_>
<YourFavoritePJ>	duh
<YourFavoritePJ>	explain girl tied up otherwise
<starfruitmango>	haha
<snl06>	Oh my gosh
<Angelique2>	Sibylla... Do you really want to be responcible for the deaths of young innocents?
<snl06>	Sibylla is here
<SibyllaWeave>	Bray shirtless? I could think of nothing more vulgar
<snl06>	Hello Sibylla
<Renegade15>	Sibylla: Mitch shirtless.
<SibyllaWeave>	hello snl06.
<SibyllaWeave>	NO!
<snl06>	Why are you in here?
<starfruitmango>	Okay then... something tells me you swing the other way
<snl06>	Trying to get more ideas for your horrible schemes?
<starfruitmango>	Lets
<SibyllaWeave>	of course. So far I have wrap them in cling wrap. Thanks to Shiori
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, can I ask a job-related question?
<SibyllaWeave>	depends
<Renegade15>	is this something like a special job for you, that you get special rewards for, or is this routine, and basically what you do day to day?
<SibyllaWeave>	hmm... that you'll have to find out
<YourFavoritePJ>	evil
<YourFavoritePJ>	evil
<YourFavoritePJ>	evil
<starfruitmango>	I think she just likes being a bitch... not skills required
<starfruitmango>	*no
<snl06>	She does a good job
<snl06>	Right up there with Sarah
<Renegade15>	well, I'm sure not every amateur bitch bugs houses and plays with the heads of dozens of people all over the world ;)
<snl06>	True Gade, very true
<snl06>	Sibylla, did you go to bitch college or something?
<SibyllaWeave>	such a compliment Star
<YourFavoritePJ>	Sibylla, have you ever met Lord Carruthers?
<snl06>	Earned like a master's degree?
<snl06>	:P
<SibyllaWeave>	Sarah has nothing on me
<AnneBoleyn>	Hello Sibylla
<snl06>	Alright, on a scale of 1 to 10, how evil would you say you are?
<SibyllaWeave>	ah the gracious, headless one
<snl06>	I just have to ask
<SibyllaWeave>	1 being the lowest?
<snl06>	Yes
<AnneBoleyn>	Being headless is fun.
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm not evil
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm just doing what is told
<AnneBoleyn>	Headless can top b****yness 8000 times
<snl06>	But why do you do what you're told if you're not evil?
<Angelique2>	Okay this brings us back to she WANTS to help but can't
<starfruitmango>	and what you are being told to do is evil
<snl06>	You're doing an evil thing
<Angelique2>	but may be able to if we ask the right questions right?
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, do you have any goals beyond the immediate?
<starfruitmango>	comming listen to some Earth, Wind and Fire and get up on the correct side of the bed
<starfruitmango>	*come on
<starfruitmango>	How do you get a job with the Order anyways.. do they have a good benefits package?
<Renegade15>	xD
<Renegade15>	sounds familiar
<SibyllaWeave>	What I'm doing is not evil
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, assuming what you are doing is not evil for a moment...
<Renegade15>	...every deed has a moral justification, no matter if good or evil
<Renegade15>	what is your, personal, moral justification for what you are doing?
<starfruitmango>	You've gotta be kidding me.. you basically want to suck blood.. and you have two old people tied up... I wouldn't exactly call that a "good deed".
<snl06>	Kidnapping people and torturing them is not evil, Sibylla?
*	Angelique has quit IRC: Success
<snl06>	Then tell me, how is it not evil?
<AnneBoleyn>	Who are you Sibylla?
<snl06>	Humor me for a minute
<AnneBoleyn>	Answer that!
<AnneBoleyn>	:)
<SibyllaWeave>	But it's fun snl06
<Renegade15>	lol
<snl06>	Just because it's fun does not mean it should be done
<Renegade15>	she wins that round xD
<snl06>	Torturing people shouldn't be done
<SibyllaWeave>	Why would I answer that? It's the greatest riddle of all
<snl06>	Would you want to be tortured, Sibylla?
<snl06>	Tell me that
<snl06>	What if they caught you and beat you up?
*	AnneBoleyn tortures Sibylla. How do you like that?
<starfruitmango>	and it shouldn't be fun....(torturing people) because that would be considered evil
<Renegade15>	snl...the answers to that might not be for your age
<Renegade15>	;)
<snl06>	lol Gade
<SibyllaWeave>	Remember snl06 I run the game
<SibyllaWeave>	I don't play it
<snl06>	Right
<snl06>	BUt
<snl06>	But*
<snl06>	You say you have someone in the house
<Renegade15>	That means you define the goal, does it not?
<AnneBoleyn>	Are you Chas and are you working with Bray?
<snl06>	What if something were to happen to one of them?
<AnneBoleyn>	:D
<snl06>	What would you do then?
<starfruitmango>	Yea, watch they are going to catch you and hang you upside down from your TOES!
<SibyllaWeave>	hahaha your guessing is hilarious
<AnneBoleyn>	Toes are good; hair is better
<Renegade15>	What if someone cheats in your game, Sibylla?
<YourFavoritePJ>	-_-
<starfruitmango>	chop off your fingers!
*	YourFavoritePJ screams*
<AnneBoleyn>	You said you "may" have someone in the house. Is that a possibility "may" or a yes there is someone "may."
<starfruitmango>	Sibylla.. you are JAYDE I matched your eyes and they are the SAME THING... so you are Jayde..
<starfruitmango>	and you're a bitch too
<SibyllaWeave>	Cheats in my game?
<Renegade15>	Yes.
<SibyllaWeave>	how?
<starfruitmango>	Yea dumbass, like in monopoly
<pmcc>	haha sib u dont run the game
<Renegade15>	It would be rather stupid of me to explain that to you, wouldn't it?
<AnneBoleyn>	I also matched with Toni. You match with Toni, Chas, Jayde. YOU'RE CLONES ZOMGOSH.
<pmcc>	the game is the game we all just play till we die
<Angelique2>	Okay so... I wonder if it's Jayde's mom
*	YourFavoritePJ frantically waves his arms*
<Angelique2>	hense why she says she has someone in the house
<snl06>	Sibylla, here is a more straightforward question, as you seem to be unable to comprehend more vague ones:
<Angelique2>	maybe someone unknowningly helping her
<snl06>	How far up are you in The Order?
*	YourFavoritePJ coughs not very cough cough*
<starfruitmango>	up their asses apparently.
<starfruitmango>	=P
<pmcc>	y dont we just get a big bomb trace her ip and bomb her?
<SibyllaWeave>	I always run the game
<pmcc>	lol
<starfruitmango>	pretty far up their I'm guessing
<Renegade15>	Running the game does not mean being in control of it.
<starfruitmango>	lol
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm always in control
<YourFavoritePJ>	...
<YourFavoritePJ>	wait
<pmcc>	no u dont lol
<Renegade15>	You would like to think so, wouldn't you?
<YourFavoritePJ>	does the order even know you've been posting footage of them up on the internet?
<starfruitmango>	If you "run the game" why are you following orders? shouldn't you be in charge?
<pmcc>	no now ever wins the game
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh wait... bray just logged on
<Renegade15>	Tell him hi from me
<AnneBoleyn>	Onto where? Where?
<YourFavoritePJ>	it doesn't matter, Anne
<Renegade15>	And that his driving would be better if he did it on the right side of the street
<YourFavoritePJ>	Sib is able to manipulate our accounts too
<SibyllaWeave>	How about I tell him that AnneBoleyn is suggesting that maybe the clue has something to do with the email?
<YourFavoritePJ>	she's sending them messages from us.
<snl06>	Oooo!
<snl06>	Tell Chas I said hi@!
<AnneBoleyn>	When did I mention an email?
<snl06>	hi*
<SibyllaWeave>	Or Starfruitmango believes that Chas is being an upright bitch from keeping it all from you
<YourFavoritePJ>	just now
<YourFavoritePJ>	when Sibylla said you did
<AnneBoleyn>	Meep.
<starfruitmango>	sure.. i think chas is kind of bitchy anyways
<starfruitmango>	TRY ME
<pmcc>	siby ur just someone who wants to seem inportant when u ant anthing but a nother pawn in this chess game
<AnneBoleyn>	Are you Toni's kitty?
<SibyllaWeave>	that may be pmcc
<Shiori>	You should drop Bray a hint that they're being watched from afar so they'll panic, maybe while drawing them toward you?
<Shiori>	I'd find that funny, anyway
<pmcc>	lol but it cant be proven
<pmcc>	hehe
<SibyllaWeave>	oh wait... no pmcc your telling Bray that Toni is a complete waste of time...
<Shiori>	He seems more gullible than Toni
<Renegade15>	that's a good one
<YourFavoritePJ>	and what am I saying, Sibylla?
<YourFavoritePJ>	"Oh Jayde, it'll be alright, I'm sure your mother is fine!"
<snl06>	Oh, what am I saying?
<YourFavoritePJ>	"No Leigh, those shots are exactly what you think they are."
<SibyllaWeave>	Renegade15 is saying that "wow Leigh seems to have changed for the worst"
<Renegade15>	I thought you were making stuff up?
<pmcc>	.....  but sib it the evil one so u will never win in the end so it dont matter
<YourFavoritePJ>	"No I haven't seen her wear her hair like that now that you mention it"
<starfruitmango>	tell them I said whatever you want.. i don't use this screenname for my LG15 account
<SibyllaWeave>	PJ your saying "What a useless bunch of idiots you are!"
<Shiori>	They really are, Sib...
<pmcc>	the good guys all wayswin lol
<SibyllaWeave>	no... you use KatieG
<AnneBoleyn>	Arrrggh.
<snl06>	lol What am I saying, Sibylla?
<Jo_16_2>	[00:22]  <pmcc>	the good guys all wayswin lol
<snl06>	I'm curious to see what you put
<starfruitmango>	aww hell
<Angelique2>	Am I saying anything?
<Jo_16_2>	not a grammar though, apparently
<Angelique2>	lol
<Jo_16_2>	*at
<YourFavoritePJ>	haha
<starfruitmango>	going to go grabe a coke
<YourFavoritePJ>	fail
<YourFavoritePJ>	in this world of trait positives
<YourFavoritePJ>	there are no happy endings
<YourFavoritePJ>	Bree, Kate, Gina, Nadia, Jonas, Maggie
<YourFavoritePJ>	who's next?
<Shiori>	I bet she's telling them exactly what I'm saying since I don't exactly have high confidence in them...
<SibyllaWeave>	hmm...  that's your decision isn't it/
<SibyllaWeave>	whos next??
<YourFavoritePJ>	YOU ARE
<snl06>	Sibylla, just put whatever you want down for me, unless it insults Chas
<Renegade15>	oh, moral games
<Shiori>	Feed them one bit of information to divide them and they'll be at each other's throats for days
<Shiori>	They're like sad little monkeys with nothing better to do than to throw poo at one another
<Renegade15>	can we hold a vote who dies, Sibylla?
<AnneBoleyn>	That put a hilarious image in my head, Shiori
<starfruitmango>	I vote Sibylla
<snl06>	Eh, I dont really care who dies, unless it's Chas
<starfruitmango>	lol i don't like chas
<Shiori>	Please let it be Toni
<Shiori>	Her optimism...bothers me
<snl06>	I  <3 Chas
<pmcc>	pj its all small battles but the war is not over
<SibyllaWeave>	snl06 "Bray, maybe you should kill Chas? might make you all get along better"
<Renegade15>	sure, kill the smart one, Shi...'cause that improves things
<Shiori>	I like drunk Chas
<Shiori>	She's so much funnier
<snl06>	Nooooooo!
<AnneBoleyn>	I vote Sibylla dies first.
<AnneBoleyn>	KILL.
<snl06>	Chas will think I hate her!
<snl06>	lol
<Shiori>	lol
<SibyllaWeave>	Shiori "Bray have you considered maybe running away with just Antonia? I'd hate to see her die"
<Shiori>	Oh, so it's opposite day, is it?
<snl06>	No, it isnt
<SibyllaWeave>	pretty much
<snl06>	(Which means it is_
<pmcc>	lol i wounder if u all could get charged with coplsary if they do die
<snl06>	is)*
<Shiori>	Eh, as long as I don't have to see her again, I don't care
<snl06>	No, no, no! I do not want Chas to die!
<SibyllaWeave>	hahaha
<snl06>	Don't laugh at my love, Sibylla!
<Shiori>	BTW, why does the Order need so many monitors when they're all in the same place?
<snl06>	:P
<starfruitmango>	She won't kill any one them... they are trait positive.
<Renegade15>	Where is your incompetent peon, anyway, Sibylla?
<Shiori>	Seems a little extraneous
<starfruitmango>	she would get an Orderly ass whoopin if she did
<SibyllaWeave>	We need to observe their activity at all time.
<starfruitmango>	even when they are in the bathroom?
<snl06>	Sibylla, how long do you intend to live?
<starfruitmango>	do you know that is illegal?
<Renegade15>	she could kill the guys just fine >_>
<snl06>	50 years?
<snl06>	70?
<pmcc>	lol i would can u a perv lol
<snl06>	90?
<snl06>	Forever?
<pmcc>	call**
<Shiori>	I must say, though, they must be slow to not notice a panning/tilting camera when it's right in front of them
<pmcc>	true
<Shiori>	Not exactly the brightest trait positives you've got there
<pmcc>	or maby the like to be watched
<Renegade15>	you're saying the wall in the shower is not supposed to do that? o_o
<starfruitmango>	so you watch them while they poop? GROSS
<SibyllaWeave>	that's why their hidden
<SibyllaWeave>	duh
<starfruitmango>	its kind of hard to hide a MOVING camera
<Shiori>	The one was on top of the fridge
<Shiori>	Jayde almost touched it at one point
<starfruitmango>	I think Bray spotted it
<snl06>	Bray totally saw it
<starfruitmango>	he was staring right at it
<starfruitmango>	so your cover is blown
<snl06>	Bray's onto you, Sibylla
<Shiori>	Bray was staring at himself in the mirror. He's a narcissist.
<snl06>	And NOT in the dirty way!
*	Renegade15 shrugs
<pmcc>	lol
<Renegade15>	if Bray's the mole, he might as well be, snl
<SibyllaWeave>	well that's a first for him isn't it?
<snl06>	True, true
<pmcc>	im not sure if there is lol
<snl06>	Who were the people in the torture video?
<pmcc>	some one working for her
<starfruitmango>	Hey Sibylla
<starfruitmango>	??
<snl06>	I'm afraid I did not pick that up
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, if I wanted to donate to the cause, where would I send the money?
<pmcc>	lol
<starfruitmango>	Sibby, Sibby, Sibby....?
<SibyllaWeave>	don't need the funds right now
<SibyllaWeave>	yes Katie?
<starfruitmango>	HEY SIB!?
<starfruitmango>	coke or pepsi?
<pmcc>	lol
<Renegade15>	 <SibyllaWeave> pepsi - it's evil
<Renegade15>	>_>
<SibyllaWeave>	I don't drink that
<pmcc>	lol but coke can kill you when u sniff it
<SibyllaWeave>	so can Ice
<AnneBoleyn>	I tried sniffing coke once...
<Renegade15>	how do you think they make shadows, pmcc?
<starfruitmango>	dude. so which one?
<AnneBoleyn>	...but I got icecubes up my nose
<pmcc>	lol
<starfruitmango>	or do you like the diet variety
<Renegade15>	xD
<starfruitmango>	or dr.pepper?
<pmcc>	woot Dr.P best ever
<pmcc>	24 good ness
<SibyllaWeave>	I think I need to go.  It appears that Bray has had enough of you all trying to make him decide between Jayde and Antonia
<AnneBoleyn>	My stomach burns.
*	AnneBoleyn throws head at Sib
<AnneBoleyn>	YOU STAY.
<Shiori>	Aww, he's a spoil sport
<starfruitmango>	Okay now I'm gunna give you some serious advice..
<starfruitmango>	sibby..
<Renegade15>	Sibylla....every game ends someday.
<pmcc>	so she mad cuz where not giving her attion  so she leaving
<Renegade15>	And then the game master will become...expendable.
<starfruitmango>	watch 24, you could learn a thing or two from Jack Bauer.
<starfruitmango>	I think she's one of those health freaks that don't drink pop.. maybe I made her mad.
<Renegade15>	Keep that in mind when your game nears its end.
<pmcc>	lol ya star
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh dear,  It now appears to have made Bray mad???
<snl06>	Well
<snl06>	um
<snl06>	DUH
<pmcc>	want a cookie
<snl06>	You send him our hatred and you're surprised it makes him mad?
<pmcc>	?
<Shiori>	Good. Ask him what he plans to do about it
<Angelique2>	Why did you have to do that...?
<snl06>	You are not a very perceptive person, Sibylla
<YourFavoritePJ>	back!
<YourFavoritePJ>	What did I miss?
<Renegade15>	Bray turns into the Hulk
<pmcc>	alot pj
<pmcc>	lol
*	AnneBoleyn has quit IRC: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
<YourFavoritePJ>	Oh
<Renegade15>	he'll probably go BraySmash a glass table or something
<snl06>	Me admitting my love for Chas, Coke or Pepsi, and more of Sybilla being a bitch
<SibyllaWeave>	Typical male
<YourFavoritePJ>	Jayde or Antonia?
<snl06>	Thats what you missed
*	YourFavoritePJ sighs*
<YourFavoritePJ>	he should follow his heart.
<SibyllaWeave>	He doesn't have one
<Renegade15>	that means "take the one that's not a bitch"
<snl06>	No, Sibylla, that is you
<YourFavoritePJ>	No, that's you
<snl06>	You dont have a heart
<snl06>	Why do you say that Bray doesnt?
<starfruitmango>	I wouldn't be surprised if one day one of them comes on here and we tell them everything that you are doing
<Shiori>	How can they?
<starfruitmango>	you can't stop them from comming on here
<SibyllaWeave>	Yes I know I don't have a heart
<Shiori>	She's hijacked them
<Renegade15>	oh please...we'll just find some Aussie community members and let them drive out with a boat
<starfruitmango>	They aren't even there any more...
<starfruitmango>	what if they decide to hit up an internet cafe
<Shiori>	Yeah, Sib... Where are they now, anyway?
<YourFavoritePJ>	There MUST be something we can do
<starfruitmango>	she can't hack every computer in the world remotely
<Shiori>	You would know, since you should have easily gotten Bray's IP address...
<SibyllaWeave>	don't worry... I know all
<starfruitmango>	I'm assuming they left the island.. that would be pretty dumb if they didn't
<Renegade15>	What are the numbers for this week's lotto?
<Shiori>	Bray's hiding in some shrubbery
<SibyllaWeave>	yes. And plus maybe having someone in the house helps
<Renegade15>	(I'm sure the Order is fixing that)
<YourFavoritePJ>	...
<pmcc>	its ezy to hack if u know cuz u have an insider
<pmcc>	but i u dont it taes to long to track and hack
<Shiori>	She's probably funneling them all through a proxy or something
<SibyllaWeave>	goodbye feeble ones
<Shiori>	Goodby, crazy one
<starfruitmango>	CHICKEN
<pmcc>	c ya
<Renegade15>	See you next time, Spidergirl
<Shiori>	Call me if you need a minion
<starfruitmango>	BOK OK BOK BOK
<starfruitmango>	BOK BOK BOK BOK
<SibyllaWeave>	time to go and have some fun:)
<starfruitmango>	bitch
<Renegade15>	make a video
<Renegade15>	sharing is caring ;)
<YourFavoritePJ>	EVIL
<YourFavoritePJ>	EVIL
<starfruitmango>	BIIIIIIIATCH
<SibyllaWeave>	THANK YOU
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*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<pmcc>	lol
<SibyllaWeave>	Welcome Katie
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: Client Quit
<KatieG>	wtf? she came back?
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*	Traveler17 is now known as AnneBoleyn
<pmcc>	lol
<KatieG>	Sibylla came back for a second...
<KatieG>	lol
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<Shiori>	...That was...odd
<pmcc>	lol'
<KatieG>	AGAIN
<SibyllaWeave>	Well Katie you shoulld know we're always waatching
<pmcc>	tag ur it
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<mitchcontrol>	so hows that code coming along?
<Renegade15>	solved and we had Sibylla here
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm always here. God when will you people learn?
<pmcc>	hey!!!!\
<mitchcontrol>	hello Sibylla
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*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<Mitch_Modern>	even me...
<Renegade15>	P-Monkey is the real watcher
<Mitch_Modern>	lol never mind
<Renegade15>	why else was he with Bree?
<pmcc>	lol
<Mitch_Modern>	welcome back Sib
<Renegade15>	watching...waiting
<Mitch_Modern>	you never said hi to me yet:P
*	P-Monkey has quit IRC: Nick collision from services.
<BrightSilence>	fixed :)
<pmcc>	now its a party
<SibyllaWeave>	what makes you think I'm going to start now?
<Renegade15>	oh, burn
<KatieG>	omg..
*	P-Monkey has joined #LG15chat
<pmcc>	*stars to rock out*
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, what's your favorite food?
<KatieG>	why are you here again Sibylla
<pmcc>	lol
<Mitch_Modern>	u have no Idea how long I took trying to decode your evil little message
<Mitch_Modern>	6 hours
<Mitch_Modern>	:P
<KatieG>	don't you have old people to beat up?
<Mitch_Modern>	and I still failed
<pmcc>	*land of confusion*
<Renegade15>	and, beyond that, is there any Australian dish you can recommend in particular?
<SibyllaWeave>	last time people. Stop assuming. It only deepens the mystery.
<Mitch_Modern>	assuming what?
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<Renegade15>	well, I guess I'll just put another shrimp on the barbie
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<KatieG>	AGHHH
<SibyllaWeave>	It's a PRAWN god
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