Sounds of Silence

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Episode 26/1x026
Sounds of Silence

Sounds of silence.JPG
What are you laughing at, Jayde?

Blogger Sibylla
Date Posted April 29th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:42
Description My poison starts to spread...
Location(s) The Island Hideout
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 The Last order hymn of one Sibylla Jayde Bray Chas Toni Mitch Leigh Sound of Silence
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Visual Effects by Dominic O'Connell
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Jayde Emily Rose Robinson
Bray James Olds
Antonia Samantha Carr
Chasina Catherine Williams
Mitch Tom Mesker
Leigh Jessica Shipley
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Sounds of Silence is the twenty-sixth video in the LG15: The Last video series.


(Hidden camera shows the group gathered in the living room. Jayde is on a laptop)

Chas: The freaking tap!

(Chas gets up and walks into the kitchen. The noise of dishes banging together followed by Jayde laughing on the couch)

Chas: Don't worry about me, I'm fine.

Toni: Leigh, any word from them?

Leigh: No not yet. (unintelligible).

(Chas re-enters the living room)

Jayde: Are you alright?

Chas: I'm fine, I guess.

(Bray appears to be staring at the camera)

Chas: What's this?

Jayde: The Order blueprints.

Chas: What?

Jayde: I think I've seen them somewhere before...

Chas: So have I...

Mitch: I.. I...I just think that we should get out of here. It's obvious they've found us.

Toni: (sigh) I think we just need a breather from everyone, we just--we're always so paranoid!

Bray: For all we know the person that dropped off the package isn't going to come back.

Leigh: I think we should leave.

Bray: At least for a little bit, lets leave.

Jayde: Let's get out of here.

Chase: Let's go.

(Hidden camera shows Jayde, Chas, Leigh and Toni leave through front door. Bray appears to be starring at the camera. Bray and Mitch then leave as well, leaving the living room empty.)


  • Following the release of this video, Sibylla gave hints on how to solve the cipher text in Stop the Celebration's description.


Shortly following the puzzle solve, Sibylla joined chat on April 29th, 6:25 PM EDT/4:25 PM PST. The log below is color-coded to highlight Sibylla's lines, as well as lines Sibylla referenced. For the full log, click here.

*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<SibyllaWeave>	Your smarter than I thought Renegade
<Renegade15>	so I'm right about you being Cruella De Vil? :P
<Shiori>	I said it was substitution..
<SibyllaWeave>	Forgive me Shiori that I didn't pay my respects
to you
<SibyllaWeave>	You may be close Renegade
<Renegade15>	tell me this, are you controlling the group's internet?
<Shiori>	So, uh, what's with the eye closups, Sibylla? Is it that the rest of you is that bad looking?
<SibyllaWeave>	Well you'll just have to  tell my Shiori
<SibyllaWeave>	The Internet? Remember I said that I MAY have someone inside the house?
<Renegade15>	Having someone in the house does not allow you to rewrite the internet.
<SibyllaWeave>	ah but that's the secret then isn't it Renegade?
<Renegade15>	you don't strike me as someone who has to be afraid of the truth,
<SibyllaWeave>	I never have to be afraid of the truth
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh and PJ your sister almost got away with herjob...
<Shiori>	They're killing piggies in Mexico
<Shiori>	Sibylla, focus your evil towards good for a change and save them. ;)
<SibyllaWeave>	save them? hardly
<SibyllaWeave>	what's the fun in that?
*	aeryolol has joined #LG15chat
<Renegade15>	Are all the girls supposed to fulfil their purpose soon, or are you going to store some of them?
<SibyllaWeave>	Why should I tell you that?
<Shiori>	If you store them, be sure to use plastic wrap
<Shiori>	Preserve the freshness!
<SibyllaWeave>	Nice way to go Shiori. Sure you don't want to join me?
<YourFavoritePJ>	You're lucky I can't get ahold of the others
<SibyllaWeave>	You have something you wish to say Pj?
<ajawesome>	I still don't get where that puzzle came from
<YourFavoritePJ>	God Aja you are so rusty
<YourFavoritePJ>	She's not going to tell us anything, isn't it obvious why
she's in here?
<SibyllaWeave>	It's alright Aja, don't let these fools make you feel inferior
<Renegade15>	assess our intellect and build a puzzle we can't crack?
<Renegade15>	purely to see us squirm?
<SibyllaWeave>	you wouldn't have gotten it without my help
<Renegade15>	you gave us a puzzle that required a key, and inferior or no hints towards the key
<SibyllaWeave>	ah but I gave you a clue in a previous puzzel
<YourFavoritePJ>	I was just thinking
<SibyllaWeave>	yes?
<SibyllaWeave>	dazzle us with your thoughts PJ
<starfruitmango>	Sibylla.. how is that you shut down their accounts without them knowing?.. just curious
<SibyllaWeave>	simple.  I've just responded to them as YOU
<YourFavoritePJ>	Sibylla's a bitch
<SibyllaWeave>	Thank you PJ
<SibyllaWeave>	personally PJ I would stop flirting with Leigh.  She's a bit fragile at the moment
<SibyllaWeave>	and Renegade, badgering Jayde isn't going to get you anywhere
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh no.
<SibyllaWeave>	They're quite capable of screwing it up themselves
<YourFavoritePJ>	Give Star a million dollars
<YourFavoritePJ>	and release Jonas and Maggie!
<SibyllaWeave>	Ah but I don't have that power
<starfruitmango>	its not like we can tell the Lasties anything
<pmcc>	so wount do anting just cuz u ask
<SibyllaWeave>	AUSTRALIA
<SibyllaWeave>	remember?
<Renegade15>	Carl was also not exactly trustworthy, PJ
<SibyllaWeave>	hmm... also why would I do anything to help you?
<SibyllaWeave>	Ah Carl, such a waste
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, are you on the island or on the main land?
<SibyllaWeave>	what's the fun in telling?
<starfruitmango>	I don't see the strategy in sticking cameras in their house and watching them.. get your order buddies and kidnap em'
<YourFavoritePJ>	I think it's because Leigh isn't ready for the ceremony
<YourFavoritePJ>	she's still taking injections
<starfruitmango>	I think its because Sibby is a peeping tom.
<SibyllaWeave>	well well well... PJ you've surprised me again
<SibyllaWeave>	well there is that star
<starfruitmango>	YOU JUST WANT TO SEE BRAY SHIRTLESS... thats it!!
<SibyllaWeave>	were's toad? I miss his mindless drivel
<SibyllaWeave>	Bray shirtless? I could think of nothing more vulgar
<snl06>	Hello Sibylla
<Renegade15>	Sibylla: Mitch shirtless.
<SibyllaWeave>	hello snl06.
<SibyllaWeave>	NO!
<snl06>	Trying to get more ideas for your horrible schemes?
<SibyllaWeave>	of course. So far I have wrap them in cling wrap. Thanks to Shiori
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, can I ask a job-related question?
<SibyllaWeave>	depends
<Renegade15>	is this something like a special job for you, that you get special rewards for, or is this routine, and basically what you do day to day?
<SibyllaWeave>	hmm... that you'll have to find out
<starfruitmango>	I think she just likes being a bitch... not skills required
<snl06>	She does a good job
<snl06>	Right up there with Sarah
<SibyllaWeave>	such a compliment Star
<SibyllaWeave>	Sarah has nothing on me
<AnneBoleyn>	Hello Sibylla
<snl06>	Alright, on a scale of 1 to 10, how evil would you say you are?
<SibyllaWeave>	ah the gracious, headless one
<SibyllaWeave>	1 being the lowest?
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm not evil
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm just doing what is told
<snl06>	You're doing an evil thing
<SibyllaWeave>	What I'm doing is not evil
<Renegade15>	what is your, personal, moral justification for what you are doing?
<SibyllaWeave>	But it's fun snl06
<SibyllaWeave>	Why would I answer that? It's the greatest riddle of all
<snl06>	What if they caught you and beat you up?
<SibyllaWeave>	Remember snl06 I run the game
<SibyllaWeave>	I don't play it
<AnneBoleyn>	Are you Chas and are you working with Bray?
<SibyllaWeave>	hahaha your guessing is hilarious
<Renegade15>	What if someone cheats in your game, Sibylla?
<SibyllaWeave>	Cheats in my game?
<SibyllaWeave>	how?
<SibyllaWeave>	I always run the game
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh wait... bray just logged on
<SibyllaWeave>	How about I tell him that AnneBoleyn is suggesting that maybe the clue has something to do with the email?
<SibyllaWeave>	Or Starfruitmango believes that Chas is being an upright bitch from keeping it all from you
<pmcc>	siby ur just someone who wants to seem inportant when u ant anthing but a nother pawn in this chess game
<SibyllaWeave>	that may be pmcc
<SibyllaWeave>	oh wait... no pmcc your telling Bray that Toni is a complete waste of time...
<SibyllaWeave>	Renegade15 is saying that "wow Leigh seems to have changed for the worst"
<starfruitmango>	tell them I said whatever you want.. i don't use this screenname for my LG15 account
<SibyllaWeave>	PJ your saying "What a useless bunch of idiots you are!"
<SibyllaWeave>	no... you use KatieG
<YourFavoritePJ>	who's next?
<SibyllaWeave>	hmm...  that's your decision isn't it/
<SibyllaWeave>	whos next??
<SibyllaWeave>	snl06 "Bray, maybe you should kill Chas? might make you all get along better"
<SibyllaWeave>	Shiori "Bray have you considered maybe running away with just Antonia? I'd hate to see her die"
<Shiori>	Oh, so it's opposite day, is it?
<SibyllaWeave>	pretty much
<snl06>	No, no, no! I do not want Chas to die!
<SibyllaWeave>	hahaha
<Shiori>	BTW, why does the Order need so many monitors when they're all in the same place?
<SibyllaWeave>	We need to observe their activity at all time.
<starfruitmango>	do you know that is illegal?
<SibyllaWeave>	that's why their hidden
<SibyllaWeave>	duh
<starfruitmango>	I think Bray spotted it
<SibyllaWeave>	well that's a first for him isn't it?
<Renegade15>	Sibylla, if I wanted to donate to the cause, where would I send the money?
<pmcc>	lol
<starfruitmango>	Sibby, Sibby, Sibby....?
<SibyllaWeave>	don't need the funds right now
<SibyllaWeave>	yes Katie?
<starfruitmango>	coke or pepsi?
<SibyllaWeave>	I don't drink that
<pmcc>	lol but coke can kill you when u sniff it
<SibyllaWeave>	so can Ice
<SibyllaWeave>	I think I need to go.  It appears that Bray has had enough of you all trying to make him decide between Jayde and Antonia
<SibyllaWeave>	Oh dear,  It now appears to have made Bray mad???
<SibyllaWeave>	Typical male
<YourFavoritePJ>	he should follow his heart.
<SibyllaWeave>	He doesn't have one
<snl06>	No, Sibylla, that is you
<snl06>	You dont have a heart
<SibyllaWeave>	Yes I know I don't have a heart
<SibyllaWeave>	goodbye feeble ones
<SibyllaWeave>	time to go and have some fun:)
<starfruitmango>	BIIIIIIIATCH
<SibyllaWeave>	THANK YOU
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: " ajax IRC Client"
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<SibyllaWeave>	Welcome Katie
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: Client Quit
<KatieG>	wtf? she came back?
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<SibyllaWeave>	Well Katie you shoulld know we're always waatching
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: Client Quit
<mitchcontrol>	so hows that code coming along?
<Renegade15>	solved and we had Sibylla here
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<SibyllaWeave>	I'm always here. God when will you people learn?
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: Client Quit
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<Mitch_Modern>	welcome back Sib
<Mitch_Modern>	you never said hi to me yet:P
<SibyllaWeave>	what makes you think I'm going to start now?
<KatieG>	don't you have old people to beat up?
<SibyllaWeave>	last time people. Stop assuming. It only deepens the mystery.
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: Client Quit
<Renegade15>	well, I guess I'll just put another shrimp on the barbie
*	SibyllaWeave has joined #LG15chat
<SibyllaWeave>	It's a PRAWN god
*	SibyllaWeave has quit IRC: Client Quit