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Episode 8 in the Xeniph series
Square One

Xeniph Flashlight.jpg
Where are you hiding dad?

Blogger Xeniph
Date Posted February 9th, 2007
URL revver.com
Description No luck.
YouTube Tags xeniph dad "square one" searching Order ideas Iris Modelmotion


Xeniph Unknown
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Square One is the eight video in the Xeniph saga.


(Camera shows stones steps as a person walks up them. Camera then shows person walking, as though shot from below Cut to Xeniph sitting down.)

Xeniph: So... I'm recording this from my lovely motel room. (Looks around) Ew. Pretty much, I'm open to all suggestions right now. I don't know where he could be. I checked out a lot of his old hangouts. I even called some of his high school buddies and asked if... asked them if they knew anything about where he was. (Sighs) They haven't seen him.

I got some ideas from some of the people on the forums. ModelMotion said there was a Watcher in the Drop video. Here's the only picture that I found.

(Quick still shot of a hand wrapped around what appears to be a lemon. There is some sort of symbol on the hand)

Text on Screen: Dad?

(Back to Xeniph)

Xeniph: Weirdly enough, this guy, just the other day, signed up to be one of my friends on MySpace. I have no idea where to begin now. Iris suggested that he might know where my dad is. (Shines flashlight on camera) Aha! Alright, where have you been keeping him?

Anyway, so I'm pretty much back to square one with this. (Shrugs) If anybody has any suggestions... let me know. Bree, do what you feel is best. I... can't help but remember the message that everybody's been talking about.

(Text appears on screen over white background)

Text: Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them. -- Washington Irving

Xeniph: The one that pretty much says that little minds are tamed by misfortune, but great minds rise above it. Are you a little mind or a great mind? Because it seems to me like you're being tamed. You have more resources than you think. I know this sounds really corny. But they're right inside of you.

(Shot of person walking from the beginning of the video)

Text Appears: Still Searching


  • This is the last video Xeniph posted.
  • Xeniph's videos were deleted from YouTube months after she stopped posting, but can still be found on Revver.com, prompting some fans to speculate as to why whoever deleted them would have missed the Revver vids.