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Maybe it's bad writing on the part of the guys putting this together, (actually, I'm not sure what else it could be) but does anyone else think Daniel seems to go way over the top on a lot of stuff? Some paraphrases:

  • To Hell With Bree's Dad (yeah!): "Despite the intense hatred that Bree's dad has for me, I'm deeply touched that she went through all the trouble of making a video for me (which of course she wouldn't do just for anybody), and I'm going to bravely go to see her in a play!"
  • How Could You?: "What?! You're standing me up for dinner because you're going to an important religious celebration with your family?! Why, the nerve of you, girl!"
  • Who Is This?: "Someone knocking on the door of Bree's house?! Who does this crazy woman think she is? Bree actually going outside?! The world no longer makes sense!"
  • Aleister Crowley: "Oh, no! Those religious nuts are going to make Bree walk back and forth in a straight line?!?! The monsters!"

yeah, totally. i remember one commenter on "how could you" saying "dude. chill." maybe we should include this in the article. after all, it's part of his character.

Indeed. I was watching Breakfast In Bed yesterday, and had to laugh at "I've got motel dining down to a science." Paraphrase? "I've chopped up an orange and put some Froot Loops in a cup...I think I'm ready to go on Iron Chef." (Hmm...time for a new userbox, I think...) --Brucker 10:19, 28 November 2006 (CST)

hey here's another example: daniel got all huffy and made bree cry just because HER PARENTS wouldn't let her go to his graduation party.

Bib diet.jpg This user has motel dining down to a science!

He kind of changed since then, he acts different now in the newer episodes, although that may have to do with something else, but i get what your saying.. he is a bit of a drama queen. - michiev


So I wanted to make a list of things I thought should probably be fixed up before we declared this page "good to go."

  • Almost none of the videos that are spoken about are linked to. Please provide sources for your statements!
  • The article seems to skip a substantial amount of time while BDJ was traveling all over the place. This is Daniel's story, it needs to cover the whole time!
  • Relationships - I think that once we get Daniel's story worked together properly, these should be worked into the main page.
  • The Family section is kind of messy and could use a cleanup.
  • Dear lord, this poor kid needs a new picture! :P

So um, to whomever ends up working on this, it'd be great if you could address these issues. Thanks :) --Zoey 02:16, 21 October 2007 (CDT)