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About Me

(Thanks for the AWESOME image Deja!)

Hi, I'm Zoey. I'm a HUGE LG fan, and have been watching it obsessively since Summer 2006. I started editing LGPedia in late 2006 and became an admin here on May 9th, 2007. On July 11th, 2007 I became head admin and have been ever since!


Why Danielbeast is my new best friend!

He juggles...
...for world...


Longitude.jpg This user is an administrator on LGPedia.
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LG15 Hardwork Medal recipient.

20000+ This user has made over 20000 edits on LGPedia.

First ever member of the Insane Club and LGPedia Nirvana -- aum.

Other Userboxes

Lazyeye.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Bree.
WolfInKilt.jpg This user thinks that P. Monkey has a dark side that has not yet been fully revealed.
OtherMonkeySmall.JPG This user loves The Other Monkey, even if Bree doesn't.
HotBaloon.jpg This user still likes Gemma, even if she is evil. Go figure.
Watcher symbol.JPG This user keeps an eye out for Watchers, just in case.
Nikkibowerheadshot.jpg This user gets their news from The Nikki Bower Report.
Scissors.JPG This user took some scissors to Cassie's wig.
Lonelybeast.jpg Lonelybeast taught this user about the Cornwallis Effect.
Brie smells like cheese. This user smells like cheese!.
0048-14Hours.jpg This user has been up for 14 hours, and feels fine.
LonelyCrack.JPG This user is severely addicted to LonelyCrack.
PSW This user enjoys Proving Science Wrong!
Plot twist overload.jpg This user is suffering from plot twist overload.
GemmaRaisonDEtre.jpg This user is irritated by unpatched plot holes.
NoWebCam.jpg This user has never made a Fan Video. What's up with that?
Applesauce.jpg This user likes Applesauce