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Emma and Bree

  • does anybody notice any more similarities between this new blog and bree's old blogs? - platy sep 20
  • i made note that this is emma's first solo blog. i believe this to be true but i may be wrong. also, is it worth noting that she gives no hint at either continuing or discontinuing her access to bre's old youtube account? - platy sep 21

Male vs Female

  • i don't know who made the note regarding el vs la resisto, but that probably refers to the most overlooked theme in lg15. the battle of the sexes. anybody else want to follow me down this road? - platy sep 23


It may be a matter of opinion. but i don't agree with the note that says that her decision to take the injections regardless of what jonas wanted was a feminist move... She said she thought about it every-which way and she decided that she WANTED to do the injections to save herself.

That doesn't openly suggest feministic ways.. it just suggest that she wanted to be a normal girl.. --Michiev 21:02, 24 September 2007 (CDT)

thank you for your feedback. i anticipated such a response. i could probably clean my note up a bit but i've decided to tag emma's actions as feminist because of how she challenges the expectations of the males. daniel seems completely indifferent on the matter and sarah is the only character to really advocates emma's desire to choose her own future and take control of her identity. later we see that emma decides to join the resistance but she does it for herself and not because she wants to please her brother. to me, this is a feminist action. feel free to alter my words in the note. - platy sep 25