The Devil Speaks

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Episode 448/3x038
The Devil Speaks

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Gina, I am your mother.

Blogger Gina
Date Posted March 29th, 2008
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Length 3:02
Description Is she for real? I'm so confused... and who was that guy??
Location(s) General LA area
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 bree danielbeast jonastko gina order dr. hart elizabeth thief
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Jenni Powell
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jim Campolongo
Story Tom Pettit, Blair Singer, and Jim Campolongo
Editor(s) Matt Vanselow
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Gina Crystal Young
Elizabeth Avery Melissa Kite
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The Devil Speaks is the four-hundred forty-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the thirty-eighth video of season three.


(Gina is carrying the camera, concealed in her purse, toward a picnic table in the park.)

Gina: (Leans down to the camera.) Here we go.

(Gina walks to the picnic table.)

Elizabeth: You alone?

Gina: Yeah. (Sits and sets her purse down.)

Gina: Sorry, I just need to grab a tissue.

Elizabeth: You always did have bad allergies.

Gina: How would you know?

Elizabeth: I used to keep you safe; just like I did last week. The Order isn't after you anymore.

Gina: How can I believe you?

Elizabeth: Your blood. It's been compromised. I suspected enough from Dr. Hart's research. He never listened to me. I always said you were a waste of time. But last week, I proved it to them. I arranged for my doctor to complete your lab results, under their ever so watchful eye. I'm sorry about the anesthetic, but you had to be subdued.

Gina: I was really scared, Elizabeth. I mean, you kidnapped me.

Elizabeth: I had to make it look good. All to prove that you are, indeed (Puts her hand on Gina's arm.), worthless to their cause. You don't get it, do you? I'm here to give you answers.

Gina: I watched the video, and I- I really knew Bree, didn't I?

(Elizabeth smiles at the mention of Bree.)

Elizabeth: Dr. Hart traveled a lot. When you two were both still young, he would have you come and stay with me. He trusted me. We did, after all, rise through Verdus together.

Gina: And how long ago was that?

Elizabeth: You were six. It was before we decided to make you Patient 11, an eternal lab rat. You were small, you were upset; you both were upset. To calm you down, I would sing this silly song.

Gina: Piano Man.

Elizabeth: (Sings.) "Piano man..."

Gina: Why are you telling me this all now?

Elizabeth: I have cancer. It's important I set things straight. I can't do that with Bree, so I sit here with you.

Gina: And what about the Order?

Elizabeth: I've had my doubts about them for some time... ever since we got rid of Drew.

Gina: So did you know Bree would be killed?

(A thief grabs Gina's purse and runs off with it. Gina runs after him.)

Gina: Hey! That's my purse!

(The thief drops Gina's purse and her camera falls out. He rolls on the ground, gets up, and then runs away.)

Gina: God...

(Gina picks up her purse and the camera. She turns back to the picnic table to discover Elizabeth has disappeared.)

Gina: (Sighs.) Elizabeth! Oh, crap.

(Gina films more of the surrounding area in search of Elizabeth, who is nowhere to be seen.)


  • The video was originally incorrectly uploaded to YouTube as "The Devils Speaks."
  • There is added noise only when Gina is talking and suggest that her voice may have been added in post-production.
  • Planes can be heard in the background.
  • Elizabeth's apparent coldness toward the man who was once her husband - "we got rid of Drew" - lends credence to the theory that she married him on the command of the Order, who had him disposed of when he became a hindrance.