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First Appearance Last Appearance
The Ex Factor Who Killed Kate?
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Relationships Kate Strathcarron (Girlfriend)
Portrayed by Matt Rivers

Videos with Tim

According to her early art videos, Kate's ex, Tim, broke her heart. When Kate begins to have bad dreams, she goes to see her ex in order to make sense of them. This greatly upsets her current boyfriend, Tariq. After Kate goes to see a specialist about her abnormal blood and wakes up unable to remember anything, her friends believe that Kate may have restarted her relationship with her ex, in spite of her insistence to the contrary.

He was soon forgotten as focus shifted to Kate's interactions with Steve. However, he is brought up again as a possible suspect in Kate's murder after Charlie uncovers old footage in The Ex Factor that suggests that Kate was being stalked by him and was at serious risk (In the footage, she called the police when he was knocking at her door).

In Brighton Beach, Charlie and Gavin go to Brighton Beach to meet with Tim, to see if he knows anything about Kate's murder. When Charlie tells him that Kate is dead/murdered, he seemed really shocked about it. Charlie concludes that he doesn't know anything about Kate's murder and is upset about this and the fact that another possible lead in solving Kate's murder, turned out to be nothing.

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