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Episode 27/1x027

I didn't get pizza and ice cream...

Date Posted March 10th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 2:59
Description Nic nie jest "w porządku"
Location(s) Ola & Daniel's apartment, Kama, Natan, & Justyna's apartment, Daniel's Cell
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Marcin Męczkowski
Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Kamil Przełęcki
Vidplay Jakub Kossakowski
Story Maura Ładosz
Music Paris Music/Vivart
Ola Ania Narloch
Daniel Paweł Parczewski
Nathalie Ania Kieca
Adjacent Blogs
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Umowa is the twenty-seventh video in the N1ckola video series. Loosely translated, the video title means "Deal."


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(All lines in this transcript were either originally in English or have been translated into English. N1ckola intro is shown. A mashup of Daniel's videos is shown.)

Daniel: Some people called you. There was a break-in to our apartment, but don't worry nothing's gone, I called the police. I've checked computer after that break-in. Everything's okay, just one weird thing - Somebody copied your address book, every contact you had.

(Cut to Ola watching these videos. She goes onto Windows Live and sees Daniel's message. Ola rushes over and grabs her phone, calling Daniel.)

Ola: Hello? Daniel? Can you hear me? Daniel, it's me Ola!

(Ola hangs up and tries to call again. However, she's sees Daniel up on video chat and hangs up.)

Ola: Hey, I was just calling you, but I couldn't hear anything! (No Response.) Daniel? (No Response.) I know, you're probably mad at me because I haven't contacted you. I'm sorry. It just came out that way. And now it's totally different situation. I don't know what's going on. I think something happened. Somebody's following me. I think so. Daniel. I'm really scared. (No Response.) Daniel.

Daniel: I can hear you. I was thinking about this.

Ola: Daniel?

Daniel: Everything's okay Nickola. It's okay, but still I think we need to break up. I took all my stuff and left the apartment. I gave the keys to your boss. Ramzes unfortunately ran away. That's all. Bye.

(The video chat ends. Ola presses buttons on the computer, stunned. She leans back in her chair. The camera zooms in on Ola's phone. Cut to the Order tracking system picking up her location. Cut to a closeup of Nathalie's hand. Credits are then shown.)