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Broken Kid
Broken Kid (BK) is an administrator of the forums. He has been an active follower of LG15 and poster on the forums since September 2006 and is among the top message posters. He believes neither Gemma nor Jonas are to be trusted and Daniel will save the day.

Broken Kid is president of the Owen Fan Club and is one of Owen’s most avid supporters. His icon in the forums and chat is of Owen from the Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n video. While not exactly a Purple Monkey hater, BK is of the strong opinion that Monkey hogs the airtime and Bree’s attention, while Owen, who was in virtually every video that took place in Bree’s bedroom, is probably the voice of reason and deserves his share of the spotlight.

Broken Dog
Broken Kid lives in a broken house in a broken town in this broken world. He has a broken dog. When not posting on the LG15 forums, he spends far too much time searching for new music, attempting to write (creatively), or, you know, working. Gotta earn a living, after all. The Broken Dog eats a lot.

Broken Kid is compiling his manifesto at

Owen.jpg This user's favorite lg15 stuffed character is Owen.