We Know What Boys Like

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Episode 0013
We Know What Boys Like

That's not what boys like!

Blogger kelseygirl15
Date Posted May 19th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description I think the title pretty much says it all. Sorry for the terrible lighting.
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 jonastko danielbeast sarah taylor soccerstar newgirl
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We Know What Boys Like is the thirteenth video in the Kelseygirl15 video series. Kelsey and Linsy make a spoof of Taylor's video I Know What Boys Like.


(Close-up of a quote that says "Life is like a box of disappointing, old, stale chocolates. -Anonymous")

(The door opens. Cuts to Kelsey lying on the bed.)

Linsy: I want to make a video for Jonas and Daniel.

Kelsey: Get out.

Linsy: No, I want to.

Kelsey: Fine, you're stupid.

Linsy: Fine.

(Cuts to a closeup of Kelsey in front of the camera.)

Kelsey: So I still think that this video thing is uber lame, but since my life sucks so much, I figure I have nothing better to do. I already failed at killing myself. What more... what could I possibly do to make my life worse?

(Kelsey goes and sits on the bed next to Linsy.)

Kelsey: So, what do we do now?

Linsy: We're gonna entertain them. It'll be so fun!

Kelsey: And how are we gonna entertain them?

Linsy: I don't know. I know some really cool things about soccer.

Kelsey: That's not what boys like.

Linsy: Um, yeah it is.

Kelsey: No, it's not.

Linsy: Well, what do boys like?

(Kelsey unzips her sweatshirt.)

Linsy: Omg, god no. Oh no. Stop, that's so gross!

(Kelsey zips her sweatshirt back up.)

Kelsey: You're such a prude.

Linsy: No I'm not. Soccer is so cool. Why don't you just go in the corner and talk about death or something.

Kelsey: I'd rather do that.

(She gets up and walks off screen. Linsy shifts to the middle of the bed.)

Linsy: So, soccer is so cool, isn't it? I'm gonna tell you some really cool stuff. Like how to say that you lost to other people. Like... you're like... "yo, we lost man." Or like, you're like "dude, I ate your toast." And it's like so sweet. But yeah, I never lose. I have a lot of those things to say. I mean, I'm so great.

(Kelsey walks back onto screen and puts her hand over Linsy's mouth.)

Kelsey: Every time you score a goal, a baby animal gets hit by a car.

Linsy: You are so stupid. (Kelsey pushes Linsy over.) I hate you.

(Linsy walks off screen. She throws a soccer ball at Kelsey)

Kelsey: Oh, a soccer ball.

(Linsy walks back on screen.)

Kelsey: Let's see. What can we do?

Linsy: I can snap my fingers. (Snaps and giggles) Yeah! What can you do? Yeah, I bet you can't beat that.

(Kelsey looks at Linsy and does something with her tongue.)

Linsy: Fine, I can't do anything.

(Kelsey gets close to the camera and does the thing with her tongue again.)

Kelsey: Beat that.

Linsy: Well...

Kelsey: I can also shake my eyes like Taylor, but I don't know. What else can you do?

Linsy: I have to sneeze. Achoo!

Kelsey: Impressive.

Linsy: Yeah, so. I can play soccer really well. I can like dribble that ball.

(Kelsey gets up and moves towards the camera.)

Kelsey: Alright. I don't want to put you in any more pain, so I'm just gonna end this right now.