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HSAO Video 1-36
Weekly Visit

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What, do I want them to stop?

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted February 8th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description A trip to the therapist can sometimes help in hard times. Ms. Kelly knows this. Music: Sokarahitam by Hamilton Cleverdon
YouTube Tags mskelly hsa visit water therapist
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Weekly Visit is the thirty-sixth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: Ms. Kelly: Weekly Visit)

Ms. Kelly: (A pair of hands play with a pen, taking it in and out of its cap and twirling it around) Thank you, doctor. Well, (Images flash by on either side of the screen on a green, code-like background; a satellite, a triangle, a spiral, an @ symbol, Saturn, a checkered cube, a brain, a head, a globe) I've been having these dreams- not like ordinary dreams, (Two drops of water fall, producing ripples) you know, they're so intense. You know, like, those dreams (Trees against a white sky) where you wake up believing what's happened, like a dream where (A statue of an angel) you see an angel and wake up expecting to see one at the foot of your bed? I used to have those (The trees again) kinds of dreams after my father passed away. And these are just as powerful. (A clip of a man picking up a little girl and hugging her) Yeah, I was just a little girl at the time. But I would have these dreams where he was alive, and I'd just wake up feeling so happy. Oh, but then I'd realize it was (A little girl walks down a beach) all a dream and that happy feeling would go back (A funeral, taking place behind the statue of the angel) and I'd just have to greive all over again. (Background of code again, with images flying) That powerful. (A hand is writing ona notepad) No, he hasn't been in any of these dreams, but (The camera zooms down a tunnel of different colors) they're just as intense. (Water, computer-wise) Like, you know those dreams where you're flying, (The trees) or some nightmare you just can't shake out of your head all day? Well, my dreams have been that vivid. (Drops of water fall and create ripples) And they've really been affecting me. No, they're not- nightmares, really. They just have to do with (Clip of a woman lying in water, only her head above) water. Lots of water, (A woman comes up from under the water, bringing her head out of it) and me in it. And usually I'm- I'm like, dead. (Blurry clips of a woman, laughing, then return to the hand with the pen) Well, I don't have anything against water, I mean, I learned how to swim when I was young, (Tunnel of colors) and I like the beach sometimes, but it's just, (Background of code, images flying. Images start with Saturn and also contain a compass, eyes, a CD, a human form, a calculator, a computer, a DNA strand, another head, the moon) it's not a major part of my life. And that's why these dreams are bothering me. (Clip of a two-story house, a light on the upper level is turned on) Well, usually I'm either (Clip of a woman diving into water) diving in or playing. You know how dreams are, you can be seeing someone you know, (Clip of a woman with only her head above water) and then it becomes someone else, and it all seems to make sense (A series of pictures from the lesson; the columns one, the Mary one, the colors one) because it's a dream, and it's real at the time, and you don't really question the logic, (computer-made water) well, I'll walk on it all day, just feeling different and thinking about water. (Two drops fall and make ripples) Yeah, I mean it's affected my work, (Picture of sand), I mean right now I'm working on restructuring my program (Background of code and flying images) and I have some really good ideas for my financial backers, (A metallic sign: HSA) but I'm just feeling so different (A lake at night, with people walking quickly on the shore) about my practice. No, I love (The HSA Burning Girl logo) to teach, and learn, (computer-made water) but lately I feel like I have (A picture of a woman's face, eyes closed, then opened; the picture changes colors) a different purpose. Like I have a mission, or that there's something I need to complete. (Computer-made water) And then it goes back to water (Woman with head above water) again. (Hands playing with pen) Well, I guess, (Drops making ripples) it's just that strange things have been happening (Hands with pen) to me lately. What, do I want them to stop? (Drops making ripples) I don't know.