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Lance Little
LG15: Outbreak: producer, director
Portrays Will
Background information
Age Unknown

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Lance Little portrays Will Powers in the LG15: Outbreak webseries. He is also one of the producers of the series.

A long time friend of Austin McConnell, Lance has been working with most aspects of video since he was eight years old. Lance was relatively new to the LG15 scene, but does not come without experience. In addition to assisting in winning films from 'Tempest Pictures', he has also attained a national ranking in the SkillsUSA Television/Video Production National Championships, has produced programs for KOZK and Ozark Public Television. He has also produced numerous public presentations, music videos, educational videos, weddings, and other special events.

Aside from working endlessly on personal video projects, Lance enjoys paintball, daydreaming, making music tracks and graphics, talking to himself and making faces in the mirror, long drives with the windows down with loud music, and maybe a close friend to help decide where to go.

He is hoping to launch his own personal studio soon.

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