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Flock Video - "It" Girl Response Video #5

Those curtains have got to go!

Blogger SandyTravels
Date Posted June 23rd, 2007
URL revver.com
Description Saw that test from the Video blog by Diamonds. Funny to watch because I know they have to be joking. My response is mostly just for laughs although my answers are real and those curtains really are hideous...espcially for a person/character (whatever) who claims to be wealthy. Brooklyn- I will be in NYC on Tues!!!!! :)
YouTube Tags diamonds lg15 marilyn monroe questions

Music Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe
Sandy Unknown
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This article is about the SandyTravels video. For the original video, see Do You Have "It"?.

"IT"...puhlease is the fifth video response to the "It" Girl Video Challenge, a component of The Chosen Flock Video Series.


Text: DIAMONDS. I feel like you are going beyond your paygrade. This is for everyone who wants to know how it really is.

(Cut to Sandy wearing sunglasses)

Sandy: Trimming the fat. That's really cute. I know this really good product it's called, fat girl slim, I think it's a caffeine rub you can get at all Bliss Spas, mostly, um, I think they have one in New York and then they have one in Aspen at the St. Regis. It's really good, but obviously you haven't used it. (Sigh). And Clique, that word doesn't really bother me. What really bothers me are those really ugly curtains behind you and those little trashy knickknacks you have decorating... old furniture. But... I guess I'll go ahead and answer your questions. As for your sunglasses question, I normally don't have to read a newsletter to figure out which pair of sunglasses to buy. I usually just go with the latest pair of Chanel glasses. (Sigh) Big and chunky I guess. But I look good in any pair of sunglasses. Question number two, As far as watching people shop, I don't really don't spend much time doing that, I'm usually the one shopping. So, uh, yeah. Mayor one, this is so easy. All I have is the clothes in that suitcase, I'm sure that any of them would work to meet the mayor. So, um, yeah, I would have my pick. Oh goodie shoes, I just love shoes. Um, (Sigh) I would have such a hard time picking, but I'm sure I would just go with a pair of Jimmy Choo's, he's my favorite. (Holds up shoe) Probably these, I really like these. Video Games? Please. Do I look like a zitty-faced prepubescent boy? I don't think so. So there you have it folks, how it is from a real jetsetter. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I'm rich and snotty.