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The term 436 is used to describe something which does not exist.

Original Use

The number was originally used by fan Joe, claiming that the comment number 436 did not really exist, and should not be acknowledged to exist.

Note: the fact that Joe's comment appears as number 437 causes much confusion for people unfamiliar with the term. The comment was originally referring to the fact that the video Vegas, Baby! was intended to be private, but was available for all to view. The term "436" quickly caught on as pretending something does not exist, as it was the number between Joe's two comments 435 and 437.

Other Uses

Currently, the term has taken on an entirely new meaning, wherein viewers refer to videos that have been posted to lonelygirl15.com, but are not able to be viewed because they have been mistakenly marked private on YouTube.

This was no doubt spurred by the fact that, as long speculated, the lonelygirl15 video numbered "436" on the official site, I Love You All mysteriously was unavailable for something close to six hours after being posted. The official response to this was that it was a glitch in YouTube, but speculation as to the real reason is rampant.

The 436 rears it head in KateModern

436 in Videos

  • The number "436" has appeared in numerous KateModern videos, in the headquarters for internet channel JustIncredible.TV. Some have speculated that the reason the number appeared was due to the fact that the channel would never actually exist.
  • As mentioned above, the video I Love You All was numbered "436" on the official site, and was one of the first subjected to the new usage of 436.
  • The episode Spanish Princess is episode #436 in the LonelyGirl15 series by LGPedia count, and, surprisingly, was the first video not to vanish directly after posting, after several episodes before had done so.
  • The episode Love on the 436 features the number on a bus that two main characters board, as well as being prominently displayed in the title.

Similar Terms

The breeniversim "GoDaddy" became synonymous with 436 on March 8, 2010 when lg15.com's DNS ceased working, causing the site to display a GoDaddy.com parking page to any that attempted to access the site. "GoDaddy" can also refer to the cause for 436.