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JustIncredible.TV logo.
URL http://justincredible.tv
Affiliation KateModern
Type Internet TV
Launched Unknown
Current Status Extinct

JustIncredible.TV is an up-and-coming internet TV channel. It was originally set to launch on February 25th, 2008, but the launch was delayed to March 16th, 2008 in order to promote its launch. Following the video MERRY-GO-ROUND, the launch is presumed to have been moved to April 15th, 2008. (This has not been verified, and the site has not been updated to reflect the change.) The website went offline following the events in the video Bust Incredible.

It has since been bought by an unaffiliated Canadian in June 2009, who has linked the site to his YouTube account.

The channel has been described as a channel attempting to deliver new and never-before-thought-of media concepts and interactivity to the audience.

Possible Shows

  • Artifacts or Crap, In Fact - people on the street are asked to locate valuables in a pile of seemingly worthless items
  • Car Park Cookery - how to make delicious dishes from things you might find inside of your car
  • Celebrity Burial Recreations
  • Fame and Feta - celebrities carve likenesses of one another out of cheese
  • Late-Night Boobcast - a bikini-clad host answers phone calls
  • Touch the [object] - a game show that requires contestants to touch an object until they are the last one standing
  • SpirituaLee - Lee interviews spiritual leaders and visits religious centers


  • Justin is the creator and producer of the channel. Recently retired due to trouble with customs.
  • Julia is programming manager and comes up with concepts for new shows.
  • Lee is the "face" of the channel as their "Internet Celebrity". He inherited the channel following Justin's retirement.
  • Gavin is the technical manager for the channel.
  • Many more have roles at the channel, though their positions are unknown.

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