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The Ascension is the title of the Lonelygirl15 series finale, which was released on August 1, 2008.

On Friday, July 4th, 2008, the Lonelygirl15 production team announced that the Season Three Finale, and Series Finale of Lonelygirl15, would take place on Friday, August 1st, 2008. Further details were released on Friday, July 25th.


Videos officially started at 8AM PDT (11AM EDT), with one lead-up video at 2:00 AM PDT, and are listed below:

534. 2:00 AM
Sarah reports on Jonas.
IRC chat
Sarah enters the IRC chatroom to ask for help.

535. 8:00 AM
Jonas is freed and everyone flees gunfire.
IRC chat
Taylor enters the IRC chatroom with some answers.

536. 9:00 AM
TAAG splits up.
537. 10:00 AM
Daniel's frustrated...and stuck.
538. 11:00 AM
The Order recaptures Jonas...and their Ceremony Girl.
Live Chat

539. 12:00 PM
Taylor's going to the boat.
540. 1:00 PM
Daniel gets lost and discovers a frightening scene.
541. 2:00 PM
Taylor and Spencer go to the rescue! With a humming box?
Live Chat

542. 3:00 PM
Jennie, Daniel, Spencer, and Taylor get together...for a minute.
543. 4:00 PM
Jonas won't let it happen again.
544. 5:00 PM
Daniel, Jennie, Taylor, and Spencer are off the boat.
545. 6:00 PM
They were too late.
546. 7:00 PM
It's over.
As someone once said, always finish people off.


Chat - Emma host.jpg

Unknown until the day of the finale, and only announced through the link to reach the Java version of the IRC chatroom, two chats were scheduled for the day on NowLive at the following times: 11AM PDT (2PM EDT) and 2PM PDT (5PM EDT).


Emma came onto the chatroom after the 11:00, chatting on location from her boarding school. She was worried about TAAG and wanted to know what had happened. When the users told her, she wanted to know where the boat was going. She was told that Sarah had given the coordinates to the location, and told Emma the news that Sarah had been the plantcake all along. Emma couldn’t believe that Sarah is completely on the side of the Order, and she insisted that Sarah couldn’t be as evil as she seems to be. She then asked about Taylor, saying that she is the key. She left briefly because her roommate came in, and then returned. She reiterated that Taylor is the key, then left.


Emma came into the chat at 2PM EDT. Rather than talking about the latest video, she announced that she was going into hiding, afraid that the Order would locate her. She bid fans farewell and quickly signed off.


The Announcements

Get ready for an exciting lonelygirl15 finale on August 1!

This is very exciting for all of us and we are so happy to share it with you. It has been a long road and many of you have been there with us from the beginning. We are excited to have you continue with us on this journey. Remember, we are counting on you to test the site during August and September and report your feedback so we can fix all the bugs before the new show launches.

- The LG15 Team

On FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, an astrological event will occur known as a total eclipse of the sun. The sky will become dark as a shadow is cast across the sky. For a moment light will cease to exist. As The Order tries to induct a new Elder, four friends will stop at nothing to end The Order’s reign and restore the natural cycle of life to the world.

At 8:00 AM PACIFIC (11:00 AM EASTERN) the lonelygirl15 series finale will begin. 12 videos in 12 hours will mark the end of lonelygirl15, but the fight has just begun.

Press Photos

To help generate publicity for the event, lg15 released a MySpace badge on their blog.

MySpace Badges

Live Chat

In order to answer fans' questions regarding the numerous changes announced along with the series finale, the Creators held a NowLive chat on July 14th, 2008. In chat, very little regarding the finale was revealed other than "familiar faces" would be seen again, and there would be several videos. (As described by Greg Goodfried, there will be "more than one and less than thirteen" videos.)