Alex's parents

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Alex's parents
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Alex's parents, The Whartons, were first mentioned by Jonas in the video Hug It Out and briefly later by Alex in Apology Accepted?. Due to the fact that there hasn't been any new information about them since, much mystery surrounds the two.

What we do know about them

It was Jonas who revealed that Alex and Jonas's father were half-siblings (Alex being the younger). While they had the same father, yet they didn't share the the same mother. Unfortunately for Alex, this meant that her mother was (according to Jonas) "a total whack job." As a result, it is her that we know the most about. We know virtually nothing about Alex's father (who was Jonas's grandfather).

Jonas's father essentially thought the Alex's mother was crazy too, and as a result often invited Alex to spend time with his family. This however, created tension with Alex's mother and the rest of Jonas's family, since she was becoming jealous of the time Alex was spending with Jonas's family and not with herself.

To make matters even worse, Jonas's father and Alex's mother became heated in an argument concerning her religion. The tension grew so much that Jonas's family no longer visited Alex or her mother.

While Jonas is confident they would have reconciled if they were given a chance, it was not meant to be. For on a February day years ago, Alex's mother got hit by a drunk driver and died on the way to the hospital.

The Order would later contact Alex and convince her that her half-brother was responsible, taking advantage of the grief she was experiencing to persuade her became involved with the Hymn of One.

Hymn of One

It's pretty clear from what we hear from Jonas that Alex's mother was a member of the Hymn of One when she was alive. She in fact once told Jonas, "Jonas the free, free will of man and the meridian lines". Jonas in fact later confirmed in the same video that her "religion, same as Bree's mom's religion. Same thing."

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