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List of Characters in lonelygirl15

Main Characters · Supporting Characters · Recurring Characters · Guest Characters · Unseen Characters · Non-Human Characters

Main Characters

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Jessica Lee Rose

A lonely girl whose blood makes her desirable to the Order.


Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

Bree's loyal best friend with a big heart.


Portrayed by: Jackson Davis

Passionate. Follows his instincts, which often leads to trouble.

0436-Sarah1 20c-icon.jpg

Portrayed by: Alexandra Dreyfus

An edgy girl who may also have a soft side.

Behind the Curtain - Taylor Smiling-icon.jpg

Portrayed by: Becki Kregoski

A soccer player with exceptional computer hacking skills.


Portrayed by: Katherine Pawlak

Jonas's trait positive little sister who's wanted by the Order.


Portrayed by: Melanie Merkosky

An intelligent girl who wants to make a difference in the world.


Portrayed by: Crystal Young

Bree's older sister with problems opening up to others.

Supporting Characters

These supporting characters were main during their time, however, they were not featured in the plot for an extended period.


Portrayed by: Jackie Jandrell

Old "friend" and new enemy of Bree's.


Portrayed by: Mari Devincenzi

Leader of the OpAPHID division of the Order.


OpAphid's main enemy. Helps BDJ out of tough spots whilst on the run.


Portrayed by: Bitsie Tulloch

Jonas's aunt, torn between her family and the Order.


Portrayed by: Craig Coyne

A faithful member of the Hymn of One.


Portrayed by: Maxwell Glick

A scientist working for Neutrogena.


Portrayed by: Carly Jones

Daniel's ex-girlfriend with a "special interest" in her professor.


Portrayed by: Sean Vincent Biggins

A life extension researcher for Verdus Pharmaceuticals and ally of TAAG.

Recurring Characters

While these recurring characters are not always around, they reappear often, and influence the story when they do. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.

Lucy Smaller.jpg

Portrayed by: Amanda Goodfried

Bree's helper for the Ceremony, a senior member of the Order.


Portrayed by: Alli Danziger

An investigative reporter hot on the trail of TAAG.


Portrayed by: Joe Rubin

A Watcher who fights alongside TAAG.


Portrayed by: Melissa Kite

Bree's mother; A high ranking member of the Order.


Portrayed by: Greg Goodfried

Assigned to "protect" Bree and hunt down Emma.


Portrayed by: Glenn Rubenstein

Tachyon's partner from the Family, a.k.a. the Culper Ring.


Portrayed by: Raegan Payne

A somewhat skeptical Hymn of One member who dates Carl.


Portrayed by: Shannon Solomon

The "new girl" for the Ceremony used into lure Bree back to the HoO.


Portrayed by: Peter James

Jonas and Emma's father.


Portrayed by: Tammy Klein

Jonas and Emma's mother.


Portrayed by: Shelby Kocee

The Shadow of a rogue Elder who posed as a Ceremony Girl in order to kidnap Emma.


Portrayed by: Jos Viramontes

A Californian politician who had dreams of the big time.

Guest Characters

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and (for the most part) do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Greg Goodfried

Bree's father, who turned his back on the Order to tell Bree the truth.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Their work both helps and hinders the Order.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Men in black suits who protect trait positive girls.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Journalists who report on the happenings in the Breeniverse.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Community-level leaders in the Order.

Portrayed by: Herself

An LG15 fan who decided to let Bree stay with Jonas.

Portrayed by: Katharine McPhee

A girl from Pins and Pints who follows Daniel home.

Portrayed by: Sam Pitman

A mysterious van-driving cowboy, suspected of abducting Daniel for OpAphid.

Portrayed by: Sal Cecere

A man who argues with Alex at a party; possibly her ex-husband.

Portrayed by: Charlie North

A homosexual man who hits on Jonas at a party.

Portrayed by: Burke Stuart

Jonas's cousin.

Portrayed by: Angela Harp

A reporter who is friends with Toby. Helped the TAAG find the Ceremony as Deep Throat.

Portrayed by: Taylor Treadwell

A loud, obnoxious, and flirtatious woman.

Portrayed by: Jason Lopez

Helped Jonas out of an embarrassing situation with Carla.

Portrayed by: Nicholas Aaron

A snobby musician friend of Alex's, speculated to have gone on a date with Gemma.

Portrayed by: Misi Lecube

A woman from Greece with a very strong accent.

Portrayed by: Stephen Torres

A man Daniel talks to at Rebecca's party.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Agressive, inhumane members of the Order; the Elders's bodyguards.

Portrayed by: Kira Lobenstein

An LG15 fan who is friends with Nikki B.

Portrayed by: Madyson Solomon

Jules's younger sister who often makes choppy, nonsensical comments.

Portrayed by: Cristy Coors Beasley

A friend of Lucy and Alex's who hosted the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to.

Portrayed by: Jennifer Thompson

An audience member who likes music at the Hymn of One seminar.

Portrayed by: Staley Prom

A Hymn of One member who hosts seminars and appears in videos on their behalf.

Portrayed by: Steve Shaheen

A speaker at the HoO seminar, who later authorized Sonia's beating.

Portrayed by: Jerry Wright

A friend of Nikki Bower who has helped TAAG from afar.

Portrayed by: Herself

An LG15 fan who attended the Hymn of One Seminar.

Portrayed by: Himself

An LG15 fan who attended the Hymn of One Seminar.

Portrayed by: Kendra Jaymes

Isaac Gilman's mistress. Gave Daniel, Jonas and Sarah info on Isaac and Bree's dad.

Portrayed by: Ross Aikins

A nosy co-worker of Spencer's at Neutrogena.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Hired security personnel.

Portrayed by: Alexandra Weaver

A Trait Positive girl from the UK who meets a gruesome fate.

Portrayed by: Kate Christensen

A Deep Throat accomplice, who gives Nikki Bower a cryptic note.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Employees of various Order branches who experiment on Trait Positive girls.

Portrayed by: Reza Bahador

An Elder who has a fascination with puppets and Bree Avery's blood.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Utmost figures of authority in the Hymn of One. It is an honor to be in their presence.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Hired hitmen.

Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

One of Sarah's flings who attempts to get cozy with Taylor.

Portrayed by: Marcello Daciano

Mysterious members of the Order who are like Shadows, but "not as jacked up and younger."

Portrayed by: Withheld

A Hymn of One member who causes tension between Carl and Sonia.

Portrayed by: Withheld / Merry Grissom

A HoO couple who adopt a trait positive baby girl.

A trait positive baby girl who was placed in a Hymn of One home.

Portrayed by: Joe Porter

A friend of Daniel's who helps him with a film project. Finds Mallory attractive.

Portrayed by: Charles Chen

A friend of Daniel's who helps him with a film project. He has trouble spray-painting.

Portrayed by: Stephen Anthony

The Vice-President of Biotherapeutics at Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

Portrayed by: Jay Laisne

Disobeyed the principals of the Hymn of One to extend his life more quickly.

Portrayed by: Gabriel Romero

Daniel's film class Professor, who starts up a relationship with Mallory.

Portrayed by: Rima Mahal

An employee of the Lullaby Project.

Portrayed by: Withheld

An employee at the Lullaby Project Center who catches Sarah snooping.

Portrayed by: Withheld

A man who drives a truck from the Lullaby Project Center.

Portrayed by: Eddie Asher

A lonely boy who tricks others into believing that he can teleport.

Portrayed by: Withheld

A Spanish-speaking man who finds an unconscious Emma in Mexico.

Portrayed by: Annette D'Ariano

Ted McKinley's secretary who flirts with Daniel.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

The Secretaries of the high ranking members of the Order.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Mysterious entities who hunt teleporters (as Jack claims).

Portrayed by: Jenni Powell

An LG15 fan who shows up at various events.

Portrayed by: Greg Gallows

An LG15 fan who was outed to be an acquaintence of Lucy.

Portrayed by: Jason Wilburn

An Elder who was the president of Bio-Therapy Report LLC.

Portrayed by: Tom Snyder

Shadow of Dr. William Porter. Stalked TAAG.


Portrayed by: Giles Alderson

A friend of Charlie's with info on Lord Carruthers.

Rupert Van Helden

Portrayed by: Ronan Summers

The author of "Finding the One" and Hymn of One leader.


Portrayed by: Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty

Rupert Van Helden's wife.


Portrayed by: Sam Donovan

Threw a surprise party for Jonas in London.


Portrayed by: Emma Pollard

Lee's roommate.


Portrayed by: Pippa Duffy

Lee's girlfriend.


Portrayed by: Tara Rushton

Member of the Anti-Order movement in London; hooks up with Jonas.


Portrayed by: Katie Everard

A guest at Jonas's welcoming party.

JTV staff

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Lee's former co-workers who attended Jonas's welcoming party.


Portrayed by: Luke Hyams

A guest at Jonas's welcoming party.


Portrayed by: Meryl Iona Edwards

A sour-faced guest at Jonas's party.

Portrayed by: Claire Finbow

A guest at Jonas's welcoming party.

Michelle Clore

Portrayed by: Valerie Cutko

A world-famous artist and an Elder who puts a hit out on TAAG.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Members of the Hymn of One seeking ascension in the Order.

Portrayed by: Ed Galvez

Introduces Salinas at a campaign rally.


Portrayed by: Daniel Weiss

A Salinas supporter

Ross Thompson

Portrayed by: Tom Pettit

The economic policy adviser to Edward Salinas's campaign for Congress.

Elizabeth Avery's murderer

Portrayed by: Withheld

Perhaps a familar face gunned her down?


Portrayed by: Emily Evergreen

A member of the LG15 forums who helps Jennie dig up information on Salinas.

Mr. Genatiempo

Loyal to the Order. Allegedly manipulates Sarah into working against her friends.


Portrayed by: ThatFreakinRandy

An LG15 fan for whom Jonas left a voicemail.


Portrayed by: Erica Ibsen

The girl Jonas finds on the S.S. Hathor's Song in 11:00 AM.

Unseen Characters

There are a number of unseen characters that seen characters have mentioned, but have never been seen on screen, and are not video bloggers. Due to the mysterious nature of the plot, some of these people may not actually exist.


Portrayed by: Grant Steinfeld, Miles Beckett

A lonelygirl15 fan who created the official website.


Bree's former friend who had a dark, mischevious side.


A friend of Daniel's and Andrea's boyfriend.


A friend of Daniel's and Paul's girlfriend.

Daniel's parents

Not the "hands-on" type, alcoholics.

Gemma's parents

According to Gemma, her mom met Bree's mom in College.

A Russian family from whom Bree and Gina were bought.

Nikki's mom

Nikki Bower's mom and camerawomen.

A boy that Gemma had a crush on in her childhood.

Gemma's flatmate

A bit of a slob, and alleged biscuit thief, likely a Gemma fabrication.

War Pylol

An OpAPHID assassin with ties to Gemma and Brother.

Jonas's nanny

She raised Jonas after his parents disappeared.


A "really old dude" who teaches Daniel how to hop a train.


A "great uncle" of Bree, likely a sibling of one of her grandparents.

Alex's parents

An old man and a crazy woman who believed in the Hymn of One.

Jules's Parents

Seemed to believe they were preparing Jules for the Ceremony.

Mrs. Genatiempo

A former soccer mom who has trouble coping with her divorce.

Taylor's best friend

Taylor's coach

Coaches Taylor's soccer team in Zavalla.


Taylor's soccer team's goalie.


Taylor's soccer team's unofficial captain

Sarah's former crush, as mentioned in her MySpace blogs.

The girl that Jay "dumped" Sarah for.

The guy who Sarah made out with to make her ex, Jay, jealous.

The girl who danced on a table with Sarah to make Jay, Sarah's ex, jealous.

Daniel's grandma

Daniel's grandmother to whom he was very close.

Isaac Gilman

Spencer's father, whose name was left for Bree in the box by her dad.

Spencer's mom

Drove her husband, Issac Gilman, to have an affair.


Taylor's 17-year-old love interest, about whom Sarah isn't thrilled.


Taylor's Mom's former college-aged "boy toy".

Ira Cronenberg

A friend of Spencer's who lent him his lab.


A "nice boy" with whom Sarah goes on a date.

Taylor's mom's newest boyfriend.

A boy who hoped to "get lucky" with Sarah.

Mr. Banks

Daniel and Mallory's film professor at the Junior College.

Garett Lovett

A boy who Mallory once kissed.

Thomas Verdus

Founder of Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

Emma's first adoptive parents

Died in a car accident when Emma was young.


The doorman at the Hymn of One LA Recruitment Center.


A friend of Mallory's who flirts with Professor DelMundo.

A Mexican woman who hates the Lullaby Project.

Jennie's parents

Both died during Jennie's childhood.

George Kiel

A member of the resistance who betrayed them.

Emma's roommate

Emma's boarding school roommate.

Non-Human Characters

These non-human characters include both stuffed and real animals. The stuffed characters played a major role in some of Bree's earlier video blogs, acting as her best friends. Many animal characters have only played a minor role in the story.


Bree's appropriately named puppet, often assisting in musical montages.


Bree's stuffed turtle, known to sport the pink feather boa and help with Zodiac of Denderah lessons.


Bree's teddy bear, best-known for his assistance in reenacting a kiss.

The Other Monkey

Bree's stuffed monkey who gets far less attention than Purple Monkey.

Gemma's dog

Gemma's pet dog. He was Bree's only friend in London.


The dog of a family friend of Gemma's. He was left behind after the family moved.

Daniel's puppy.JPG
Daniel's puppy

Daniel's stuffed Basset Hound.


Jules's pet cat. He looks fat and lazy, but according to Jules, he's a monster.


Sarah's pet ferret. He likes cheese.


A drunken squirrel that Sarah befriends.

Mary Annette

A puppet the HoO tried to use to replace P. Monkey.


Jennie's childhood dog.