Bree's Watcher

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Bree's Watcher
First Appearance Last Appearance
Exploring The Motel Catching Up, Closing Out
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Greg Goodfried

Videos with Bree's Watcher

Bree's Watcher is the Watcher assigned to protect Bree. Unlike Virgil, he is not unknown to act hostile toward TAAG and is responsible for killing people in the Hymn of One to do his job, whether or not he feels what he is doing is right remains up in the air.


He is first spotted by Gemma in the background of one of Bree's videos while staying at the motel. He is spotted again when Daniel goes to the supermarket, and Bree and Daniel flee when he stations himself outside their hotel room for an entire night. He appeared later on when Bree, Daniel, and Jonas escape from the Shadow who captured them outside Vegas, and shot the Shadow in question as he attempted to re-capture them.

He appears again with Lucy when they pick up Jules and then convince Bree to do the Ceremony. He also attempts to stop Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah from rescuing her. On the day of Bree's ceremony, he cornered TAAG in a warehouse where they were trapped and injured (from a car accident he had ultimately caused) and kept them there until he was knocked unconscious by Nikki Bower and handcuffed.

A few months later he re-surfaced in London, acting as a bodyguard to Michelle Clore during Kate's art show. Not long after, he reappeared in California where he shot and killed a Deacon in an attempt to disuade Daniel, Jonas, and Sonia from kidnapping the Ceremony Baby.

More recently, he participated in a sting operation to capture Emma, pistol-whipping Jonas and threatening to shoot Jennie. On the day of Emma's ceremony, he shoots and kills fellow Watcher Virgil, who had supposedly re-aligned himself with TAAG.

After the Ceremony fails and Emma escapes, Gina's blood was discovered to have been contaminated by Dr. Hart's research, thereby rendering it unusable. The Order began focusing on Emma, and assigned Bree's Watcher to be Emma's new Watcher in light of Virgil's betrayal and death, and he has been hunting her down since April.

Along with Lucy, Bree's Watcher took part in the sting operation on TAAG's prom. Once everyone had scattered, he pursued Emma but failed to capture her.

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