Bang Out of Order

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Episode 236/2x081
Bang Out of Order

I won't listen to you lalala

Blogger Lauren
Date Posted April 14th, 2008
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Length 2:16
Description I ain't letting this Order thing go, no matter what Charlie says.
Location(s) Internet café
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Lauren
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
On-Set Producer Louis Figgis
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Lawrence Tallis
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) John Palmer
Lauren Emma Pollard
Charlie Tara Rushton
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Bang Out of Order is the two-hundred thirty-sixth webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the eighty-first video of season two.


Lauren: So... I've been doing a bit of research into the Order. I know what every one thinks: that I should just leave it and stop inviting trouble. But there's no way I can just forget about this. Not after everything they've done to me. There's no way.

Anyway, I've been speaking to Steve about it. I think he's the only one who really knows how I feel. He told me about this group in LA; apparently they've been fighting the Order for a few years. So I'm gonna try and get in touch with them, see what I can find out. Maybe even work together.

(Sighs.) I don't know, maybe I'm just clutching at straws. I've gotta do something, though. Steve says he was thinking of going out to LA to try and meet 'em. I wish I could go with, but there are a few things keeping me here. (Laughs.) Like the fact I've got about four quid in me bank account, and the drugs which I need to keep me alive which I need to get every week.

(Charlie enters the café and walks toward Lauren.)

Charlie: Hey.

Lauren: You know, little things like that. (Looks back to see Charlie approaching.) Hey, Charlie.

Charlie: Forgot my keys. What are you up to?

Lauren: Oh, nothing much.

(Charlie leans in to look at the computer.)

Charlie: What the hell is this? Didn't I tell you just leave all the stuff about fighting the Order?

Lauren: Yeah, you did, but I just-

Charlie: Nothing good's gonna come from this. It's over, alright? Trust me, I should know.

Lauren: (Laughs.) Yeah. Should know. (Charlie looks confusedly at the screen.) You should know that it's not as easy as that! I need to know what happened to me sister.

Charlie: You're gonna get yourself killed.

Lauren: Ugh! Just leave me alone, alright?

(Lauren gets up and leaves. Charlie puts her purse on the floor and sits in the chair in front of the computer. She watches Lauren leave and sighs.)

Charlie: She's gonna get herself into more trouble than she can fathom. You know I'm right.


  • This is the second time someone from the KateModern series has talked about the TAAG, the first being when Charlie contacted Spencer about the serum in Trait Negative.
  • The day after this vlog was posted by Lauren, she posted a note on her blog entitled "I can't just let it go.":
Lauren said:
I wish Charlie would just realise that this is something I have to do. What does she expect after what they did to my sister? Anyway, can you lot do me a favour? Can you message me with anything you know about Jonas and those other Americans who are fighting the order? It'd mean a lot to me. Thanks.x