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Teen Angst Adventure Gang
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Grand Canyon In My Sights
Movement information
Front for The Resistance
Members Bree Avery
Jonas Wharton
Sarah Genatiempo
Taylor Genatiempo
Spencer Gilman
Emma Wharton
Gina Hart
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TAAG or Teen Angst Adventure Gang is a term used to describe the main group of Anti-Order characters in the lonelygirl15 series. The group was originally referred to as BDJ when it consisted of only Bree Avery, Daniel, and Jonas Wharton, however, the term TAAG has replaced it since the group has expanded. It was first coined by Tachyon in a forum post.

TAAG is currently defunct, having split up in August 2008. Some of the remnants of the group are now part of the Hymn of None.


Unofficial Members


  • The term "Teen Angst Adventure Gang" is copyrighted by Glenn Rubenstein, who has considered making an animated series showing the behind the scenes world of an online show by that name. [1]
The Resistance
Original Members Raymond Wharton · Michael Carruthers · George Kiel
TAAG En USA.gif Bree · Daniel · Jonas · Taylor · Sarah · Spencer · Emma · Jennie · Gina
Hymn of None En USA.gif Maggie · Jonas · Sarah · Reed · Daniel
K-Team En GB.gif Kate · Charlie · Gavin · Tariq · Steve · Sophie · Julia · Lee · Lauren
The FTO En GB.gif Jeffrey · Raymond · Patricia · Lauren
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The Lasties En AU.gif Chasina · Mitch · Antonia · Bray · Jayde · Leigh
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