Camp is the Word

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Flock Video 0027
Camp is the Word

Tell me about it, stud.

Blogger Sandra
Date Posted July 5th, 2007
Description Just saying hi from camp!

Its so great!

YouTube Tags camp chosen flock spin art lonelygirl

Sandra Credit Withheld
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
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Camp is the Word is the twenty-seventh video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


(The Hymn of One music plays while the word "grainofsandra" appears in white letters on a blue background.)

Bree: Have you, at any time in your life--

(Cut to Sandra standing outside at camp.)

Sandra: What's up? It's me, Sandy D. Tell me about it, stud. Heard you've been looking for me. Check it out. I'm at summer camp. You'd better shape up, 'cause I need a man. My heart is set on you. I'm having the best time here. I've done so much spin art. How cool is that? Jonas, Jonas, let me be. Keep that pelvis far from me. Just keep your cool, now you're starting to drool. Hey fongool, I'm Sandy D. (Suddenly Sandra turns to the side and speaks to someone off-camera.) Is there any pizza left?

(The Hymn of One music plays while white lettering scrolls across a blue background.)

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Bree: Have you, at any time in your life, been truly free? Ever wonder why you are here on this planet? Lend your verse to the Hymn of One.


  • Sandra repeatedly makes references to the musical "Grease" in this video.
  • This video bears many similarities to the OpAphid video Miss Me?, including the references to spin art, pizza, and the name stylizing of Nikki Bower.

Video Comments

Liandra said:
Camp! Oh I'm so jealous! Seems like you are having lots of fun :)
Betsy said:
glad you are having such a good time :)