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Throughout the series, the TAAG have stayed at a number of motels.

The first motel

In the video Motel Pool, Bree and Daniel stop at a motel to clean up.

When Bree and Daniel first went on the run they stayed at a pretty standard motel. They were in a two-bed room. The motel had a swimming pool.

The second motel

In Survival Skills we see Bree and Daniel in a new motel room as they continue the road trip to flee the Order.

The most prominent feature in the room is a large unidentified picture at the head of the bed. The picture in the background is possibly a Picasso print of a windmill. Before he died, Picasso did a lot of pen and ink drawings of Don Quixote and the print has a similar style.

The set for the Survival Skills video was featured in an ABC Nightline segment on Lonelygirl15.

The third motel

While chasing after the Cowboy, Bree and Jonas stayed at a Holiday Inn. In the video Sleepover, it is revealed that their room only had one bed so Jonas slept in the bathtub.

The Vegas motel

BDJ stayed at a motel in Las Vegas.

The Texas motel

While in Texas to track down Jules, BDJ stayed at a motel.

Ace's motel

Nikki Bower investigated the motel room of Ace, the man responsible for kidnapping BDJ in Las Vegas. In Proceed with Caution, it is revealed that Ace was a Shadow.

Jonas's motel

While mourning the death of Bree, Jonas checked into a motel room, which he quickly trashed.

Arizona motels

After escaping from the Order, Jonas, Daniel, and Emma left for a series of motels in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon.

Mexico motels

After leaving the Lullaby Project in the middle of the Mexican desert, Jonas travelled for days and finally reached an underdeveloped town, where he found a motel with dial-up internet access.

Catalina Island

TAAG first make way to Catalina Island in an effort to deprive Alcombe Antiques - a store known for developing marionettes for Lucy to deliver to Lord Carruthers for trait positive girls. The second gathering showed Jonas and Daniel trying to save a newly hunted Emma, who had been hiding out in her father's bunker.

Near Jonas's hideout

After being chased out of his hideout by the FBI, Jonas spent the weekend at a motel or hotel nearby.

Chicago Motel

After Jonas is rescued by Sarah in Chicago, they lay low at a Motel.

East Motel

Jonas, Sarah, and Reed head east, and stay at this Motel.

Boston Hotel

After Sarah got the note at the Boston South Station, she made a video in her hotel room.

Reed's motel

While in Los Angeles, Reed stays at a motel.

Mason and Will's hotel

While searching for Crystal, Mason and Will spend the night at a hotel.

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