Bloodlines: Part 1

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Episode 407/2x151
Bloodlines: Part 1

Is Virgil really dead?

Blogger Jonas
Date Posted January 25th, 2008
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Length 3:23
Description We left San Francisco and have been driving for a while. You'll never believe what happened next.
Location(s) Porter's house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko sarah lucy order hymn of one
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Miles Beckett
Story Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music by Kevin Schlanser
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Virgil Joe Rubin
Bree's Watcher Greg Goodfried
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
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Bloodlines: Part 1 is the four-hundred seventh video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred fifty-first video of season two. It is the first video of the Season Two Finale.


(Shots of scenery out the car window with Jonas's voiceover.)

Jonas: Thanks. Don't know what more I can say. I can't believe how many of you showed up at Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. You know, we drove so far, and things have been just so shitty... You know sometimes I think I'm my own worst enemy. But when I saw how many of you cared, how many of you wanted to help... like Wookie, TJ, Aja, Rosie, just, you know, everyone who showed up... thank you. And most importantly, thank you for taking a look at that memo that we swiped from Ted McKinley's apartment.

(Shot of Jennie and Sarah asleep in the back seat of the car.)

Daniel: (loudly) Jonas! Look!

Jonas: Shh man! You wanna wake up sleeping beauties?

Daniel: Look, you guys cracked the memo. The president of Biotherapy Report isn't Olivier Henry. He was using a pseudonym, and his real name is William Porter. It's kinda cool. Pseudo... (Jonas turns the camera back towards the girls.) Hey wait! Pseudonym, or uh, nom de guerre, is actually a kind of...

Jonas: Ok, that's enough, Beast. Look, you guys can go to the forum at if you want to see how it was solved.

(They boys get out of the car and hide behind some bushes.)

Jonas: Alright, look, so I made a decision... you know after I got over my... my bathtub hangover, and I got the permanent kink out of my neck. I decided to be proactive.

Daniel: (whispering) Hey, come on.

(The boys move again down a driveway, hiding behind a fence.)

Jonas: I not only broadcast the location of that San Fran meeting to give you guys that memo... Gotta go.

(They hide behind a big black SUV parked in the driveway.)

Jonas: But also to draw The Order out. (He removes a black tracking device from the wheel well of the SUV.) We tracked them for once. This is Lucy's car. We followed it to this house.

Daniel: Lets check it out.

(Daniel and Jonas pass through a door into the courtyard, and Daniel tries to open a sliding glass door.)

Jonas: Whoa, whoa, shouldn't we wait? I mean, he said he was gonna meet us here.

Daniel: Dude, I don't even know if he's going to show. We gotta do this now!

(He dashes off to find another door. Cut to inside the house. Daniel and Jonas investigate parts of the house, and meet up at a desk.)

Daniel: Dude, shh!

Jonas: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Verdus! anything good?

(Daniel opens a manila folder with the Verdus logo on the front.)

Daniel: No.

Jonas: Anything in there?

Daniel: I don't know.

Jonas: Quick!

Daniel: Dude, Crowley.

Jonas: What?

Daniel: Crowley! (He shows a picture of Aleister Crowley.)

Jonas: This is all books, this is useless. Oh, whoa, what's this? What's this? (He picks up an envelope with "Mr. William Porter" written on it.) William Porter! Dude, this is Porter's house!

Daniel: What?

Jonas: This is Porter's house, man. Dude, he must be an Elder. What's that?

(Footsteps are heard, Virgil appears in the doorway.)

Jonas: Ooh! Virgil! God. You made it.

Daniel: I didn't think you'd come.

Virgil: You called and said you needed my help.

(Gunshot. Virgil goes down. A Watcher appears around the corner with a gun and aims it at Jonas and Daniel. Emma appears with the Watcher.)

Emma: Jonas!

Jonas: Emma!

Emma: Jonas help me! (Lucy takes Emma away)

Jonas: Emma!

Emma: Jonas please!

Jonas: Let her go!

(Emma and Lucy leave, Sarah appears from behind the Watcher and hits him with something. He goes down.)

Jonas: Sarah! Sarah, nice.

Sarah: Doesn't that guy ever learn?

Jonas: Nice, thank you. Jennie!

(Jennie comes in the door and is scared when she sees the Watcher lying unconscious on the floor.)

Jennie: Um, uh... I tried to stop them but I couldn't! Jonas, I'm sorry.

Jonas: It's alright. We gotta go!

Daniel: What about Virgil? (He is inspecting Virgil's body on the floor.)

Jonas: Forget him, man, there's nothing we can do for him. Come on, we gotta go! Go, everybody!

(They leave the house.)