Change in Plans

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Episode 58/3x022
Change in Plans


Blogger Marla
Date Posted April 6th, 2008
Length 4:25
Description Like I said - my decision. I feel like it's the right thing to do. Keyword: feel.
YouTube Tags maddison atkins greg gregory apartment marla singer marlasinger change awkward
Marla Maya Kramer
Gregory Atkins Brad Maule
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Change in Plans is the fifty-eighth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the twenty-second video of chapter three.


Marla: Yesterday, in the forums, I, um, mentioned that I was going to take some flowers over to Maddison's place. I didn't have any flowers today, but I did find one in my neighbor's yard, and take that over. (Cut to footage of the camera aproaching Maddison's apartment.) It's kind of stupid I know, but it's something. And for whatever reason I, um, wasn't expecting to see anybody I knew. (Marla lays a flower on Maddison's doorstep. The door opens, we see Gregory Atkins carrying a box) Greg?

Gregory Atkins: Hi.

Marla: Um, Hi.

Gregory: What are you doing here?

Marla: Oh, wow, I was, um, I was bringing some flowers for Maddison. I, um, well I only got one flower.

Gregory: (Pause) Nice. (He loads the box into the trunk of his car, and goes inside to get more boxes)

Marla: (confused) Um, uh, what are you doing?

Gregory: (Picking up a box) I'm moving out.

Marla: (inaudible)

Gregory: Um, "How come?" Because it's... because it's over, it's time for us to move on.

Marla: What do you mean?

Gregory: I think it's pretty obvious. You know, it's time fort life to get on with itself. (Seems to choke up for a second, but composes himself) Where have you been?

(Cut to Marla in Confessional)

Marla: Awkward. (Shakes head). Needles to say, he's not too happy with me. I tried to explain, but, funny enough, when you tell people that you've been in Hawaii for class, they don't give you much sympathy.

(Cut back to outside Maddison's Apartment)

Gregory: Hawaii huh? I thought you were going to help me with the Documentary.

Marla: I am, uh, (struggles) I go every year, I mean, it's for class, I have to go every year, it's a commitment that I've made.

Gregory: (annoyed) Yeah.

Marla: I didn't mean to...

Gregory: Wouldn't want to break a commitment for Maddison or anything would ya?

(Cut back to Marla)

Marla: It hit me hard to see Maddison's apartment being emptied like that. Really hard. And, um, the way Greg was talking...

(Cut back to outside Maddison's Apartment)

Gregory: Well, let's see, what happens to apartments when someone moves out? This has got stuff in it, until the end of the month, and that's when it's going to be leased to someone else.

(Cut back to Marla)

Marla: But thinking about somebody moving into that apartment made me really, really uncomfortable. Um, and I realized suddenly how little I've really done. I mean, all this time that I've been here and I haven't really had a good look at that place.

(Cut back to outside Maddison's Apartment)

Gregory: What are you looking at? (laughing) It's fine, do you want to go inside?

Marla: No, I just haven't seen it since... (Gregory bends down to pick up the flower off-screen)...I...

Gregory: Come on...

(Cut back to Marla)

Marla: Have you ever been somewhere and felt really, really comfortable? For no real reason? It's just a feeling. You can all call me crazy, I probably would too, but since I got here... That apartment is the first place I've felt... comfortable in... or safe even. I just sort of asked him. I mean, um, he said that the place was going to be empty for the rest of the month so... I dunno. Just asked. Greg, for whatever reason, agreed. I guess he can find me now, so, that's one reason, but... I don't have much stuff, and I'm dragging it all over tomorrow and that's that. It's my decision, but, um, I just thought I'd let you all know.