Maddison Atkins ARG

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Maddison Atkins ARG
Maddison Atkins ARG logo.jpg
Created by Jeromy Barber
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
Clara April Rickman
Gregory Brad Maule
Marla Maya Kramer
Production Crew
Puppet Master Jeromy Barber
Co-Puppet Master (1.0) Glenn Rubenstein
Music Supervisor Jess Purviance
Audio Engineer Jess Purviance
Head Story Writer Caitlin Conway
Line Producer Miranda Witherspoon
Camera Operator Miranda Witherspoon
Editor Miranda Witherspoon
Continuity Manager Miranda Witherspoon

The Maddison Atkins ARG is a popular Alternate Reality Game produced by Jeromy Barber of 12th Street House. It takes place within the LG15 Universe. Currently, the game has had two incarnations, both of which follow the story of a girl named Maddison Atkins.

The first incarnation of the show followed the story of a girl named Maddison Atkins and her friend Adam Wilmott. They were sent a letter by a mysterious Mr. Zipp and within fifteen days, tracked and killed by Joel Frady. During the second chapter of the story, Clara Stokes and Adam Lamar investigated the murders and interviewed people connected to the story. During the third chapter of the show, Gregory Atkins and Marla took over the story, as Clara became a drunk. This version of the show was a sister series to and had crossovers with Redearth88, which was produced by former lonelygirl15 crew member, Glenn Rubenstein.

More recently, the second incarnation of the show currently follows the same girl named Maddison Atkins. She is partnered with Adam for video projects and becomes friends with him, but their summer video projects for college are the least of their worries when a box of pigeons is left on Maddison's doorstep. Trying to balance school and life, Maddison and Adam grow closer as they work to solve the mystery with help from the online community.

Cast of characters

Maddison Atkins 1.0

  • Faye Austin as Maddison Atkins, a teenage girl that was supposed to room with Rachel. She was contacted by a mysterious Mr. Zipp.
  • April Rickman as Clara Stokes, a student at SFU who took it upon herself to create a documentary about Maddison and Adam's deaths.
  • Maya Kramer as Marla, a member of the online community that tried to take over Clara's documentary after Clara became an alcoholic.
  • Brad Maule as Gregory Atkins, Maddison's father who wants to make sure her death wasn't in vain.
  • Jason Zednick as Adam Wilmott, Maddison's best friend who died along her side.
  • Adam Lamar as Adam Lamar, Clara's friend who follows her around and helps with the documentary.
  • Jason McRoberts as Joel Frady, an assassin who might've been hired by OpAphid.

Maddison Atkins 2.0

  • Faye Austin as Maddison Atkins, a honest and somewhat paranoid young woman attending SFU. Her life becomes harder when pigeons are left on her doorstep.
  • Jason Zednick as Adam Wilmott, Maddison's video project partner at SFU. He soon becomes friends with Maddison and is sucked into the mystery.
  • Rosie Kolbo as Jane, a ditzy blonde who helped deliver the pigeons to Maddison.
  • Caroline Harrell as Emily, Adam's girlfriend. She doesn't appreciate how Adam spends a lot more time with Maddison than her.
  • Xzavien Hollins as Jullian, a grumpy equipment manager at SFU.

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