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Gregory Atkins
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Portrayed by Brad Maule
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Gregory Atkins is the father of Maddison Atkins in the Maddison Atkins ARG. He is still distraught from his daughter's death. He gave Clara a set of keys to Maddison's apartment hoping she would find something there that would help her connect with Maddison.

Shortly after Joel Frady's death, Gregory contacted Clara again, offering her financial support, and gave her the passwords to her accounts. He also insisted that she do everything she could to learn all about Maddison in order to do her documentary justice. Gregory also seems committed to teaching young girls about the dangers of online predators, using his daughters murder as an example of just how vicious they can be.

After a period of inactivity, Gregory posts a video on his daughter's former account to complain about Clara's lack of attention to both the documentary and to him. He said he has tried to call Clara fifteen times, with no luck, and threatened to go to Clara's professor. After seeing the tribute video the community put together, he gives the online friends of Maddison a domain name,, for her friends to create a tribute.

Months later, Gregory issues a request to meet Marla for coffee at a place in Nachodogches. Gregory relays that he has sold his house, and that his wife is emotionally getting worse. At the meeting, Greg gets frustrated by Marla's timidness and also expresses his annoyance over Clara's lack of effort, but becomes less hostile upon learning that the investigation has affected Clara psychologically. He makes Marla promise that she'll finish what Clara started.

After the meeting, Greg decides to open the box of mail that had left unopened from the months following Maddison's death. He gives special attention to a letter he recieved from the girl that was going to be Maddison's roomate in a program that started two months after she died, thanking him for paying the other half of her rent. Greg extends her congratulations to her, and inadvertently reveals that Maddison wasn't on good terms with her parents at the time of her death, stemming from their lack of support for her relationship with a so-called "rocker" and her subsequent move to Nacogdoches.

Greg procedes to begin the process of moving on with his life, including getting ready to sell Maddison's apartment. While packing, Marla stops by and reveals that she had been in Hawaii instead of working on the documentary. Greg is extremely annoyed, but still agrees to let her stay in the apartment until it is sold at the end of the month.

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