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They describe themselves as follows:

You can find us in the shallows.

We are the LG15 chat. Ever swim with the dolphins in the shallows by the pale moonlight? ----Not Lately :(



Their mascot is Dolores the Dolphin, who is the porpoise with a purpose.

Moments in history

Below are notable quotes from the chatroom's past.

"Hey baby, you fat?"

"I wish my grass was EMO so it would cut itself." - harpdevil

"The next time I kick Harpdevil, it's going to be orgasmic." - OhEmGeeItsLily

"I think I have cancer on my tongue....I'm gunna die."

"Sushi? Where I'm from, they call dat BAIT!" -Dinomyte

"Her coffee-colored diamonds" - Voyboy

"The only reason to get married is so that you can find out how the other person is doing in the hospital when they're hurt." - Corynne

"Guys.....I wish I was a big black woman!" - Popculture

"Sometimes I wish I was a little black boy in 1970's South Bronx. I love hip hop that much." - Tony Noodles

"NO CUCUMBERS unless you're going to make salad!" - iiAMnina

"DANCE Monkey, DANCE!"- HoorayForMakingOut to harpdevil

"I can't figure this guy out! He's so hormonal!" -Hooda

"IM LIKE FORUM-ZILLA" - HoorayForMeImMakingOut

"Clubs really arent the best place to meet quality people. . . but sometimes you're not looking for a quality person ;)" - immortal1

"My cat just layed in the paint, Ill see you guys later." - GoodGollyItsHolly

"'thish is my picture of a flower... it isth blue. i like my flowersth' - Lily P, aged 15" - Harpdevil

"OhEmGeeItsLily: The guys that I do not fancy does not include Brian or Sam." - proof from her own mouth that Lily fancies Harp and Brian

OhEmGeeItsLily - "Lily is Tony's <expletive deleted>" : Harp and Brian will have to start paying for their fancies.

"This comment doesn't exist." - Joe, Comment 437 (436)

"Guys im wondering if you could use chapstick as lubricant, WHAT mom!? But it could work ok, it would just slide, it's like lipstick for your penis!" - Dillon

"NOOBLUE is a crayon coloorrr. It's going in my new box." - lily


[23:45:09] Echo: Every time you masturbate God kills a Lily...

OhEmGeeItsLily: I want to watch bird sex.

OhEmGeeItsLily: I LOVE PRAYING MANTIS SEX. You have no idea.

Old chatroom Regular members

Below is a list of some of those that used to be commonly found in chat.

New chatroom Regular members

Below is a list of some of those that are commonly found in chat.

  • Angelique
  • ApotheosisAZ
  • betz28
  • blackmagickchick
  • boryalic
  • Brooklynxman (aka Brook, and BuffyBot)
  • callxmexnevxx
  • Eleven
  • felipe
  • femaleprodigy
  • FaffyFoo
  • FH14
  • grace2_89
  • Gwenavere14
  • ir3actions
  • JazmynGrey
  • JenniPowell
  • Kelseygirl15
  • MicFranXon (head of breefm)
  • mitchcontrol
  • modelmotion
  • notgordian
  • ohmygod
  • [patientes]
  • Renegade15
  • romanceismusic
  • Shiori
  • snl06
  • ThaBeave
  • tiffers
  • Virginian9000