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Episode 0009

I'd like to meet them

Blogger Chrysandra
Date Posted June 6th, 2007
Description Anyone out there? Well, yeah.
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YouTube Tags contact chrys chrysandra planet lonelygirl15 flock alessandra liandra allison flowersonmyhat
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Contact is the ninth video in the chrysplanet video series.


Chrys: Have you guys seen these other girls? Like Alessandra and Liandra and Allison? If you haven't, look 'em up. I got around to watching their videos today, and they just seemed so nice and fun, the kind of people I'd want to be friends with. Anyways, now my dad isn't here anymore. He actually left a few weeks ago, so I've been on my own. Now my house is unlocked, it's really not that bad. The electricity and the water still work, and I managed to break into the pantry, so for now, I'm okay. I think I'm going to start really trying to contact these other girls. I used to think I was the only person like me, but watching their videos, I'm realizing that that's really silly. Actually, I'm not alone.