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On June 19, 2016 Daniel resurfaced as part of the Relaunch of lonelygirl15. He revealed his name to be Daniel Barlow with a social media presence on both Snapchat (as DanieldBeast) and Facebook. [1]

On June 19, 2016 Daniel posted his first Snapstory and mirrored the post on his Facebook account. On the same day, Yousef Abu-Taleb posted a screenshot of Daniel's new Facebook account to Instagram.[2]

On June 20, 2016 Daniel announced on Facebook via a video 9:27 in length (Not sure what to say) that he thinks Jonas is gone. He has someone helping him and he keeps in touch with Emma. He says that the Order is gone. He does not want to look at the "hospital report" which was one of the clues in the first video, Whatever Happened To lonelygirl15?.

June 19, 2016 Snapstory Transcript

Hey, I guess you’ve all seen it by now, I . . . it doesn’t even make sense, I don’t / I just – I just never thought I would see her face again. Now I, I haven’t been sleeping and I’ve got crazy anxiety and just . . . (exhales) / My lungs feel like they’re out of air and then my heart’s just been pounding like a mile a minute just POOF, just at the thought -- it’s been ten years, and . . . / It makes me feel like, like I wanna go get a drink, or something, but . . . I haven’t done that in a long time either – ev’r, everybody knows how that works out for me, I . . . / anyway I’m, I’m just . . . I’m just still trying to figure it out, I . . . (exhales) / but I just don’t want to think about the day that . . . anyway / the day that – I don’t even want to say her name, I don’t want to think about it . . . I guess I have to, but / anyway, over the last ten years, I’ve been working with someone, I’ve been trying to figure out what happened . . . to everyone and . . . / anyway, I, uh, I’m gonna talk more about it tomorrow, I guess. You can find me on facebook. (laughs) / I just realized in ten years I never told anybody my real last name. Uhh, it’s Barlow . . . so you can find me on facebook with that name.


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