Dei Sub Numine Viget

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Facility J 011
Dei Sub Numine Viget

Givin' it the "Old College Try"

Blogger WalterDW
Date Posted March 15th, 2007
Description Drop everything.
YouTube Tags WalterDW TravelerJ FacilityJ OpAphid
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Dei Sub Numine Viget is the eleventh video in the Facility J ARG series.


(Black & white shots of buildings flash rapidly, and a beeping noise is heard.)

Morse code: ..--- --.- ...-- -.-. -. -

(Shot fades.)


A small index of the forum discussions that this video led to.

Morse code discussions

  • The Morse code translates to 2Q3CNM which is a tinyurl redirect. It leads to a drop at Princeton University, discussed in the forum thread entitled (Drop Contents) Dei Sub Numine Viget - "Facility J".
  • Luminous created a drop video to summarize the drop, and solution, entitled The Old College Try.
  • WalterDW becomes paranoid, and turns the project back over to TravelerJ19.

Forum discussions

  • A drop contents thread entitled (Drop Contents) Dei Sub Numine Viget - "Facility J".
  • A video thread for the drop recap entitled (video)Facility J Princeton Drop Recap.
  • A thread entitled (Discussion) Facility J - Who is Walter & What is The Cure.
  • A profile change thread entitled Facility J (Profile Change) - Ground hog love.

Puzzle discussion