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Go to the The Coalition for information regarding the" Facility" that is part of that series.

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Be advised, the links below include the puzzle solutions as well as the puzzles themselves.

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   The Characters   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

TravelerJ19 WalterDW Mysterious Young Lady
TravelerJ19 WalterDW Young Lady

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   TJ19 & Walter's Videos   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   TJ19 & Walter's Puzzles   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   TJ19 & Walter's Drops   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   Other Videos   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

  • Inside Facility J (Trainer101) Watch
  • J7-Destroy (JayNineteen) Watch
  • I Get Around (JayNineteen) Watch
  • division of power (filiascientis) Watch
  • division of power beta (filiascientis) Watch
  • New Direction (JayNineteen) Watch
  • division of power again (filiascientis) Watch
  • Department C (DepartmentC) Watch
  • wings (filiascientis) Watch

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   Other Puzzles   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   RevenantRed   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   Useful Links   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg

SmallFacilityJEye.jpg   Forum   SmallFacilityJEye.jpg