Drop Found!

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Episode 5/1x005
Drop Found!

Haha. HTMLvis. Get it?

Blogger Maddison Atkins
Date Posted April 15th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 1:55
Description I've never been so excited in a chat room. This week, I learned that there's a war between chat and forum, so I thought this would help. We found the drop!
YouTube Tags maddison atkins lonelygirl15 danielbeast daniel bree jonas adam drop found
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam Jason Zednick
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Drop Found! is the fifth video in the Maddison Atkins video series.


(Maddison adjusts the camera. Adam walks over to her table.)

Adam: Hey.

Maddison: Hey. Where's Emily?

Adam: Oh. She's at work.

Maddison: Oh. (Excitedly) Well, I have so much to tell you.

Adam: Yeah?

Maddison: Okay, they found the drop!

Adam: Drop?

Maddison: Yeah.

Adam: What's the drop?

Maddison: It's something that someone leaves somewhere so that other people can go find it anywhere over the world. I don't know... And they found it!

Adam: Alright. Who found it?

Maddison: Skunkwaffle! We were all in the chat room, and we were just talking. And everyone was just talking (Mimes talking on a computer keyboard) so fast. 90 to nothing. And... and... the operator was surrealisticpill, and she was telling Skunkwaffle about it. And Skunkwaffle found it! In New York!

Adam: (Laughs) Who's Skunkwaffle?

Maddison: I don't know, but he found it for us.

Adam: Found what?

Maddison: It's something from Dr. Seuss.

Adam: Well, okay. So there's a pigeon at your door... with a note inside a note... with a riddle that leads us to...

Maddison: Thanks to Whiskey.

Adam: ... Rue B's in New York? With something from Dr. Seuss with a stick figure drawing.

Maddison: I don't even know. Oh, and they named the pigeon.

Adam: (Laughs) What'd they name the pigeon?

Maddison: I couldn't figure it out yet. It's H.T.M.L.V.I.S.

(They repeat the word "HTMLvis" until they figure out that it's a play on Elvis)

Maddison: Ohmygod. But, I think that... now that they've found this, I think it's all over. And we can just get back to normal.

Adam: So we're done?

Maddison: I think so... I'm not sure. I just know whoever needed this has it now. And it's... I think that it's done.

Adam: Great. Alright. High five.

(They high five each other. Maddison giggles.)


  • This is the first Maddison Atkins video to contain subtitles.
  • Emily is Adam's girlfriend, possibly the person he was arguing with on the phone in the previous video.