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Jason Zednick


Character: Adam Wilmott
Background information
Age 22
Birthday ("Scorpio")
MySpace 90532788
Jason Zednick filmography

Jason Zednick is the actor who portrays Adam Wilmott in the Maddison Atkins ARG. He knew Jeromy Barber prior to his involvement in the Maddison Atkins series. They met when Jeromy cast Jason in a short film of his. He then worked for Jeromy for a short while. Jeromy produced a short film for Jason called Saltshaker, which Jason claims he has yet to finish editing. He was responsible for involving Faye Austin, a school friend of his who played Maddison Atkins, in the series.

Jason is currently a theatre major at Stephen F. Austin State University. In 2006, he was inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma honor's society.

The dog who played Whiskey in the series actually belonged to Jason. He was Jason's Christmas present to his wife, Ashley Santiago. They named him Nicholas.

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