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First Appearance Last Appearance
Boo! Chapter 8: Foursome
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Relationships Reed Barnes (Boyfriend)
Portrayed by Ashlyn Selich

Videos with Estelle

Estelle is Reed's ex-girlfriend who currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She allows Jonas, Sarah, Reed, and later Maggie to stay at her apartment for slightly over a week on their way to Boston. She immediately clashes with Sarah, which later escalates when Reed and Estelle begin to revisit their relationship.


After the Hymn of None tells Jonas that he must travel to an auction in Boston, Reed suggests that they crash at Estelle's place on the way there. Jonas is resistant to the idea, but Sarah is happy that she'll spend at least one night in a room with normal sized shampoo bottles, though she isn't thrilled when she finds out Estelle is Reed's ex. While on the road, Sarah becomes increasingly jealous at the prospect of Reed spending time with Estelle, and reacts badly when Reed calls Estelle at a pit stop.

Things only go downhill once they arrive, where Sarah accuses Reed of "camera-humping" Estelle. Insisting they celebrate Halloween, Reed and Estelle "throw a party" consisting of the four of them, and Sarah and Estelle get into a fight after Estelle remarks that Reed is "so cute" when he makes a goofy remark. After the altercation and Maggie's subsequent arrival, Estelle chose to take the high road and try to be gracious to her guests. She got up up early a few days later to surprise them with Homemade Pancakes. However, the meal was enveloped in an awkward silence, and Reed's attempt to jump-start conversation by asking Maggie how she was feeling (“Um, Afraid?”) only served to freak out Estelle.

Feeling confused by Sarah's "hot and cold" signals, Reed decides to explore other options and asks Estelle out on a date, which she accepts. However, Reed forgot to make dinner reservations, so they ended up spending their evening at a bowling alley. A couple of days later, Sarah walked in on Reed and Estelle in bed together, causing Sarah to question Estelle's true intentions. However, Estelle believes that she is jealous, and Sarah denies this, and accidentally insults Reed in the process. Not long after this happened, Jonas, Sarah, Maggie, and Reed left for Boston, and Estelle hasn't been seen since, though Sarah mentions her when yelling at Reed a few days later - calling her his "little slut."

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