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First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 1: A Call to Arms Season One Finale: Day of Atonement
Character information
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Reed Windle

Videos with Beaumont

Beaumont Charles was a janitor at LifesBlood Labs, an ally of the Hymn of One, and a supporter of the Resistance. He was the love interest of Maggie, a trait positive girl he was assigned to look after. He risked everything in order to save her from her prison.


Beaumont is first seen carrying Maggie back to her room after she undergoes dialysis. Maggie mentions that Beaumont has shown her kindness, but she is saving that story "for another day". Maggie later clarifies that Beaumont had promised to save her, and that her time with him is what has allowed her to keeping hoping for rescue. Later on, during one of her blood transfusions, Maggie asks where Beaumont is, only to be told that he has been transferred and that she won't "have to worry about him touching [her] again". Maggie is extremely upset by this, and throws a tantrum. Further on in the video Beaumont appears as some sort of janitor and passes Maggie a note under the door saying 'I Will Save You.'

About a week later, Beaumont comes into Maggie's room and puts a white cloth over the security camera. Maggie is found missing by LBL employees, and Beaumont is interrogated. When Maggie is found, Beaumont is let off the hook. He continues to work at LifesBlood Labs as a janitor after this, for unknown and questionable reasons.

During an Order raid at Old LifesBlood Labs, Maggie is given to Beaumont by Dr. Madison in a panic. He argues with Maggie, telling her that he is with a good group who can save her. Maggie agrees to go with Beaumont, but Beaumont was betrayed. He was told that the Hymn of One would do good for trait positive girls, but he was wrong. Beaumont is last seen putting Maggie into the trunk of a van and riding off with Lucy and a Watcher.

In Day of Atonement, it is confirmed by Daniel that Beaumont was shot by Sarah.

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