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List of Characters in LG15: The Resistance

Main Characters · Recurring Characters · Guest Characters · Unseen Characters

Main Characters

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.

Jonas small2.jpg

Portrayed by: Jackson Davis

Son of the leaders of the first Resistance. Now it's his turn to lead.

Sarah small.jpg

Portrayed by: Alexandra Dreyfus

The daughter of the Order's undertaker. Her's is a quest of redemption.

Maggie small.jpg

Portrayed by: Marnette Patterson

Tortured for her trait positive blood, she has begun to fight back.

Reed small.jpg

Portrayed by: Brett Ryback

A goof ball with a romantic side and the object of Sarah's affection.

Recurring Characters

While these recurring characters are not always around, they reappear often, and influence the story when they do. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.


Portrayed by: Bill Oberst Jr.

The head of LifesBlood Labs who is being sued by Verdus.


Portrayed by: Reed Windle

A boy who fell in love with Maggie and unwittingly delivered her to the Hymn of One.


Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

Sarah's ex-boyfriend who believed there was more to Sarah's betrayal.


Portrayed by: Ashlyn Selich

Reed's on-and-off girlfriend who becomes rivals with Sarah.

Lucy Smaller.jpg

Portrayed by: Amanda Goodfried

A senior member of the Order who is after Jonas and Maggie.


Portrayed by: Various Actors

Doctors and nurses who have often been seen experimenting on Maggie.

Guest Characters

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and (for the most part) do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot, while others may have had significance in a prior series.

Portrayed by: Greg Goodfried

Assigned to hunt down Emma for the Ceremony.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Men in black suits who protect trait positive girls.

Portrayed by: Randy Irwin

An FBI Agent with questionable motives.

Portrayed by: Marc Bossley

An FBI Agent with questionable motives.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

An employee of LifesBlood Labs who moved Maggie from place to place.

Portrayed by: Tony Fleecs

A doctor who works for LifesBlood Labs.

Portrayed by: Jessica Lee Rose

The truth began with this lonely girl who died at the hands of the Order.

Portrayed by: Alexandra Weaver

An artist from London who was brutally murdered after defying the Order.

Portrayed by: Crystal Young

The older sister of Bree who saved Jonas's life by taking a bullet meant for him.

Portrayed by: Katherine Pawlak

Adopted trait positive sister of Jonas who is currently hiding from the Order.

Portrayed by: Erica Ibsen

A girl who was killed by the Order during the eclipse acension.

Portrayed by: Tara Rushton

Kate's best friend who almost lost everything in her fight to stop the Order.

Portrayed by: Giles Alderson

A former member of the Hymn of One who was betrayed by Jonas.

Portrayed by: Sean Vincent Biggins

Ran a study to create artificial trait positive girls.

Portrayed by: Jason Wilburn

An Elder who funded the Hart Study, and died in a blotched ceremony.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Utmost figures of authority in the Hymn of One. It is an honor to be in their presence.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Members of the Order who pose as agents and employees of LifesBlood Labs.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

They often clash with members of the Hymn of None.

Portrayed by: Paras Maniar

A seemingly clueless professor at Willow Woods.

Portrayed by: Themselves

A band who thanks Maggie for using their music.

Portrayed by: Arpi Abulyan

A girl at a pit stop whom Jonas flirts with.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Children who stop by Estelle's apartment on Halloween.

Portrayed by: Axel Bierstedt

A Willow Woods accomplice who met Sarah in Boston.

Portrayed by: Themselves

Members of the Community who meet Sarah in Boston.

Portrayed by: Mitchell Wright

A community member who spotted a man stalking Sarah in a video.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Withdraw cash from the ATM where Reed is abducted.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Present in many places and businesses, including LifesBlood Labs

Portrayed by: Keri

A fan who helps reveal Sarah's true motives.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Agressive, inhumane members of the Order; the Elders's bodyguards.

Unseen Characters

There are a number of unseen characters that seen characters have mentioned, but have never been seen on screen, and are not video bloggers. Due to the mysterious nature of the plot, some of these people may not actually exist.

A politician whose former campaign website was vandalized by the HoN.

Newly Promoted CEO of Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

An enemy of the Order from London whose Bebo account was hacked by the HoN.

Manipulated her into working against her friends.

Clueless to the hardships the rest of her family faces.

Sarah's younger sister who she tries to protect.

Maggie's parents, who have been desperately searching for their daughter for years.