First Date Postmortem

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Episode 10/1x010
First Date Postmortem

First Date Postmortem.jpg
It isn't nearly as impressive.

Blogger Rachel
Date Posted July 22nd, 2007
Length 2:44
Description I was debating about whether or not to post this yesterday. I suppose I find reality a little less terrifying lately. I some point, we have to start accepting who we are, right?

For better or worse, we can't change the past. We can only hope to influence our future to the greatest of our ability.

But that's enough deep thought for the time being. I'm hitting up garage sales with Linc this afternoon and still need to walk the dog.

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Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
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First Date Postmortem is the tenth video in the Redearth88 video series.


Rachel: So, I'm pretty sure that last night was a date. If only because it went well enough that I'd like to claim it as such. Having a nice time just "hanging out" with someone, isn't nearly as impressive. Linc even walked me home, which was kind of cute. Especially because I had wanted to be home by the responsible hour of nine o'clock. He's an interesting guy... like, in a clincial sense. And I caught myself doing that up-in-my-head thing. Thinking about what to say and what not to say. You know, where you might like someone, and you're trying really hard, maybe too hard, because you want them to like you. It's like, you don't really want to just "be yourself." So instead, you're acting like the greatest hits version of yourself, that doesn't even really exist. That's what screwed up my last relationship. We were really just fans of each others greatest hits. But neither of us were really interested in the other's more obscure material. So, on the phone with Linc today, it came up that I was raised with my grandparents. Normally I don't talk about it, because there's a story behind it, and it's one of those things that people just try to read into as the main reason I'm such a spazz. Both of my parents died in a car accident when I was nine years old. I was in the car with them when it happened. I don't really remember much of anything prior to waking up in the hospital. From everything I've read about it, I'm lucky to even be alive. And it's one of those things that causes people to treat you differently, which is why I just don't bring it up. But, on the upside, I can predict the future of any person I come into contact with. (laughs) And I predict that Linc is going to be on time for our date. At least I hope he is, because I need to take care of something. It turns out I'm headed back to the clinic. They called me today, and I guess that they've been having some kind of problem with the lab that they've been using, and may not have received the right test results. So, they're redoing my STD test, free of charge. I guess I figured I might as well not put it off. Because at some point, like way off in the distant future, who knows?