The Best Deceptions

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Episode 11/1x011
The Best Deceptions

The Best Deceptions.jpg
So, Mr. Interesting-in-a-clincial-sense turned out to be Mr. Creepy.

Blogger Rachel
Date Posted July 22nd, 2007
Length 1:36
Description Today's trip to the park was educational, to say the least.

For Linc's sake, I hope that he knows how to take a hint.

YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko sarah linc lofisyndicate redearth rachel date park boy told lies
Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
Linc Logan Rapp
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The Best Deceptions is the eleventh video in the Redearth88 video series.


Linc (off-camera): (Knocks on door.) Rachel? Rachel, are you awake? (Knocks again.)

Rachel: So, Mr. Interesting-in-a-clincial-sense turned out to be Mr. Creepy. I had to let the dog out for an early walk so that I'd be back in time for my date with Linc. And then I ran into Linc's cousin. I figured I would introduce myself. I must have come across like a crazy person, because he had no idea what I was talking about. Which leads me to ask, "Who or what was Linc filming in the park?" (More knocking at the door.) JenniPowell, you were right on both accounts. He called and he's a jerkface. (She dials Linc on the phone.) Look, I don't get very good phone reception here, so I'm going to make this really simple. Go away Linc!

(The knocking continues at the door. Rachel gets up and answers it.)

Rachel: So why'd you lie to me?

Linc: Wait, what?

Rachel: If you don't leave, I'm calling the police.

(Back on camera.)

Rachel: This must be a sign that I'm not ready to date again. I mean, I'm still dealing with the aftermath of my ex. That reminds me... Anyhow, this Linc incident further proves that I am a terrible judge of character. From now on, if somebody wants me to trust them, they're going to have to earn it.