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Infamous bag drop from Cassieiswatching's first video

While having fun swimming, Bree asked Daniel a single question: "Whatever happened to that girl Cassie?" (Swimming!, August 29th 2006). Daniel had no idea who she was talking about, but Bree persisted. "She was in your class... I don't know what I'm worrying - just forget about it. I dunno, we just used to...walk around the track together. ...because everybody was so mean to her. You know?"

This created a chain of speculation as to who "Cassie" was. When it was revealed that lonelygirl15 was a scripted video series starring Jessica Lee Rose, many fans speculated that Cassie would become a character. Cassie never has been seen or tied directly to the plot, but a movement of users claiming to be Bree's friend Cassie began. The most famous of these was Cassieiswatching, which, although short-lived, spawned many spinoffs of it's own.

Cassie spinoffs

Cassieiswatching spinoffs/parodies


See Breeiswaiting.



Cassieisback is an apparent spin-off of cassieiswatching. This Youtube user has so far released two videos since January 2008. It is unknown whether or not the maker of these videos is actually the person behind cassieiswatching.



Cassieisevil posted three videos in October 2006 in the style of cassieiswatching.



Cassieiswatching222 has posted cassieiswatching spoof videos. The first video appeared to be serious, but the following two videos appear to mock cassieiswatching.


Frank Died from Cassieressurection

Cassieresurrection is a YouTube user, one of many who claims to be Bree's friend Cassie. She started posting videos on February 12th, 2007, which count down starting from day 9, presumably to the day of her "ressurection." The footage from the videos seems to indicate she is connected to the cassieiswatching storyline, as she implies that she's dead. She shows a clip what some claim to be Frank's grave, however the grave says that Frank died in the 1890s so it obviously can't be the same one. It may, however, be simply a visual to send the message written on the gravestone: "Frank died".

Her style is somewhat in between the styles of cassieiswatching and itscassie.



Cassieseesall posted a single video on December 28, 2006, in the style of cassieiswatching. (referred to as "G-mail Frank" by LordGreystoke422) was an e-mail address used to contact people who tried to get in touch with Blogspot Frank through his blog's comment system. It is notable in so far as both Frank himself and the connected Cassie denied Frank uses Gmail, leading to the believe that the sender was not connected to the series, but in fact someone trying to gamejack the character.

While LordGreystoke suggested in his first video that G-mail Frank might indeed be Frank, only another, split personality of him, many people believe that the fact that LordGreystoke's story is based on what happened to him after figuring out the mails points to him being the gamejacker himself – he vehemently denies these allegations, and with the real Frank's apparent demise and Cassie's move into Second Life, the affair slowly turned into a case of "out of sight, out of mind". To this day, the true identity of "G-mail Frank" is unknown, and there is no reason to believe this will ever change.


Frankiswaking a.k.a. Frank
see Frankiswaking


"Do You like Applesauce?"
See Zoeyiswatching.